Filerobot changelog
Filerobot changelog

Filerobot v21.09 Released 🚀

This monthly release is categorized as follow:

  • BT (Beta Testing): feature in Beta, feedback welcome!
  • SR (Stable Release): tested and stable after 1 release in BT (~ 1 month)
  • RI (Resolved Issues): resolved issues and problems, tested and stable

Admin Console

  • (SR) Folders' drag and drop reorganisation

Added possibility to drag and drop folders within Library explorer (FMAW widget) to change their hierarchy and easily reorganise the library.

  • (SR) Versioning of assets

Users will be able to view all past asset's versions and revert back to an earlier one while keeping all later versions available. The switch will trigger an invalidation so the latest selected will always be up to date for acceleration. Doc here

  • (SR) Duplicate file response improvement

We improved the response in case of duplicate file detected at upload, and now display a specific message, along with a "hint" showing the path of the existing duplicate, simplifying the access and removal of the previously uploaded file.

Plugins & Integrations

  • (BT) Canva integration

The Canva button available in the Uploader is a simple image editor dedicated to social media publication. The widget will return an image, upload directly in your Asset Hub library for storage, immediately available for acceleration.

Filerobot Uploader Options

API Framework

  • (SR) Uploader API post-processes & UI

Added post-process treatment flows to accept or refuse files based on faces on an image; and detect whitespaces in images and update the info section of the file. Also added possibility to send transcode parameters for videos with requests headers.

Changed the behavior of file refuse if all files are refused due to SHA1 conflict, path conflict or security concerns.

Modified the extended list of file types allowed in base secure level to add Microsoft office formats.

  • (BT) ASK ressources added (ML)

Added a whitespace detection endpoint to find blank spaces in the images and list the output. Demo here

Improved a plate recognition endpoints for processing speed.

Added "async" functionality to update file info by UUID and to upload files into Filerobot folders.