Filerobot changelog
Filerobot changelog

Filerobot v21.07 Released 🚀

This monthly release is categorized as follow:

  • BT (Beta Testing): feature in Beta, feedback welcome!
  • SR (Stable Release): tested and stable after 1 release in BT (~ 1 month)
  • RI (Resolved Issues): resolved issues and problems, tested and stable

Admin Console

  • (BT) Akamai invalidation support

We implemented the necessary logic and functions needed to perform the Invalidation on our CDN provider Akamai. It is performed using the same rule-set and from the same interface as other CDN providers, from within your admin console (and of course from the API).

  • (BT) Restrictive policy for upload of potentially dangerous files

The Asset-Hub now allows administrators to restrict upload for specific file type, to strengthen the security and avoid the distribution of potentially harmful files. The restriction can be set on 3 levels from any type allowed to only images.

Those changes could affect files uploaded via Filerobot Widget and Filerobot Asset Hub. If you want to receive broader or more restrictive permissions than by default, please get in touch with the support. All details in the doc here.

  • (RI) Companion Uploader respecting folder architecture

Uploading files with existing architecture (folders and subfolders with files inside) preserve the architecture after upload.