Filerobot changelog
Filerobot changelog

Filerobot v20.11 Released! 🚀

This monthly release is categorized as follow:

  • BT (Beta Testing): feature in Beta, feedback welcome!
  • SR (Stable Release): tested and stable after 1 release in BT (~ 1 month)
  • RI (Resolved Issues): resolved issues and problems, tested and stable

Plugins & Integrations

  • (SR) Vue Responsive plugin's src size handling

With the picture element added v1.0.3, images can now be directed to have different crops and sizes based on the browser dimensions, or any media query. Doc here.

  • (RI) Uploader tagging and closing behavior

With the latest version, v2.15.14, of the Filerobot Uploader, we have improved and solved a few issues. The uploader now selectively processes tags according to the metadata version (M0/M1), displays the "process tags" button as it used to do, shows the editable "description" text field as it used to, and properly closes when saving the file uploaded. Doc here.

  • (SR) Image Editor saving options

You now have the option to save your images to: a newly created image without the old image's properties & meta, OR duplicate the image data with the edits (different name with same previous image's properties & meta with considering the new edits/design), OR replacing the main image with the newly edited one. All with a simple configuration in the Editor. Doc here.

  • (RI) Image Editor watermarking behavior and sealing

We have considered all your feedback and came up with the latest version, v3.12.7, of the Image Editor, greatly improving the stability and functionalities regarding watermarking. Namely: Editor now keeps watermark position when undo then redo, lockScaleToPercentage property in config allows for scaling the watermark image and preventing users from re-scaling/re-sizing it, using the first URL of watermark's URLs array as the default watermark URL (if no string URL property is provided), now also avoiding the overwriting of watermark's applying switcher styles, scaling box now stays in place if watermark is positioned from watermark's positioning squares, also scaling the watermark to 30% + 1.5% spacing when using watermark positioning squares and watermark's current size is bigger than 30% of edited image, and finally disabled scaling up the watermark image and allowing scaling down with scaling up to the maximum size of the watermark image. Also, we solved an issue with sealing due to a specific configuration.

API Framework

  • (SR) Blurhash Optimisation

Cloudimage automatically calculate blurhash at upload, as a background process. We added an automatic resize step in order to make the blurhash available faster and to allow for the future back-processing of all previously uploaded images. Doc here.


  • (SR) Security Templates over SASS keys added granularity

The new Security Template model allows for a more granular management of permissions, for connections via API, and now enable automatic SASS keys expiry so you don't have to revoke them manually once the contributor or API should be done. In summary, it greatly simplifies and improves your access management strategy. Doc here.