Filerobot changelog
Filerobot changelog

Filerobot v20.09 Released! 🚀

Brand new categorization of release items

  • BT (Beta Testing): feature in Beta, feedback welcome!
  • SR (Stable Release): tested and stable after 1 release in BT (~ 1 month)
  • RI (Resolved Issues): resolved issues and problems, tested and stable

In future, we might also use the combination of RI/BT, which identifies Resolved Issues requiring more input from customer testing based on their specific use cases.

Admin Console

  • (BT) Airbox

An Airbox URL is where an external agency or partner can only access a single folder and only upload files inside. It serves the use case where external users will not login to Filerobot DAM Console but will need to be able to upload files within a specific period of time. Doc here.

  • (BT) Sharebox

By using this Filerobot's collaboration feature, you can now share assets from your library via simple and customizable private links. Items that are allowed to share are files and files matching specific conditions if you wish to. Doc here.

  • (BT) Visibility

This feature defines whether an item is publicly available by a URL or not. If the item is set to public, anybody with the link can view/download it, but if you set it as private (to your organisation, your team or yourself), only those who have proper permissions can view/download it. Doc here.

  • (BT) Custom Metadata

This feature helps you define custom fields for describing assets. Custom metadata fields will be customizable on a per-company level. Doc here.

  • (SR) Teams

You can now create Teams in your organisation to group users with similar roles or responsibilities, which is allowing for a simpler and faster use of sharing and permissions setting. Doc here.

  • (SR) Comments

It is now possible to comment on assets in the newly designed and improved "asset details" modal, and to chain the comments in thread to make collaboration more efficient.

Plugins / Integrations

  • (BT) Auto-suggest tags

Get all images automatically tagged in the Filerobot Library (formerly Gallery) using content recognition APIs. This improves the tagging flow and adds more granularity into the files' metadata in order to improve the search experience. Suggestions will automatically appear for all images added or modified.Doc here.

  • (SR) Asset removal from Uploader Gallery

This feature allows users to select one or several assets from the Uploader's gallery and delete them. Doc here.

  • (SR) Multi-asset tagging in Uploader

You can set up a custom list of tags in the Filerobot settings, and be able to apply one or several tags upon new files uploads. This allows multiple pictures to be selected to receive one or many tags in one single action from you. Doc here.

  • (SR) Tag media assets on upload

Get all images automatically tagged in the Filerobot Gallery using content recognition APIs. Doc here.

Image Transformation Engine

  • (SR) Content-aware cropping: manual focus selector

Manually select the area of interest of a picture during the upload into Filerobot in order to automate setting all the future resizing/cropping around this new point of focus. It happens that the center of interest is subjective and cannot be told automatically: for this purpose, the user can choose which element of the picture to emphasize to avoid having it distorted or cropped during editing. Doc here.

  • (RI) Blob as a "src" of image -source: GitHub-

In update 3.9.1, it was no longer possible to use blobs as the image source for the image editor. The functionality had been restored with version 3.9.2.

  • (RI) Watermarking -source: GitHub-

In update 3.11.0 the watermark feature stopped working, it kept loading, didn't go ahead and didn’t show any error message if no urls is provided in the configuration. The issue is solved in version 3.11.1

  • (SR) Watermarking touch screen support

We added support for touch screen to move objects' locations in the new release v3.11.2. We are considering adding the touch screen support for other operations too in the near future. Doc here.