Filerobot changelog
Filerobot changelog

Filerobot v20.02.0 Released! 🚀

Big day today, we are excited to announce the release of Filerobot v20.02.0. Starting from this version, we will release monthly update to the Filerobot Digital Asset Management service to take into account customer feedback and bring cutting edge innovations to the platform. So, stay tuned!

New Features and Improvements in this Release

 DAM console

  • New File info menu in each asset contextual menu

Administrators can now easily access all asset details, links and meta data from a single dialog.

  • Support for custom transformation presets

Administrators can now create custom transformation presets to combine several image operations and filters in one custom transformation, for example: gallery_xs can refer to h=200&w=200&func=crop. This makes image URLs shorter and easier to manage.

  • Custom routing for asset URLs

  • Added folder search in the asset gallery

Folders can be searched and filtered in the asset gallery

  • Added support to exclude SVGs from being transformed into JPG, PNG or WebP

Administrators can now decide to not have SVGs transformed by the Filerobot asset processing engine.

  • Folder (Directory) suggestion when moving asset from one folder to another

When moving one or multiple assets from one folder to another, Console administrators are suggested with target folders as they start typing the folder name.

  • New API Secret Key management and view

API Secret Key permissions are now easy to manage and multi-tenant API Secret Keys are grouped in separate tables.

  • API Secret Key can now be revoked and deleted

API Secret Keys can now be revoked and deleted.

  • Better onboarding experience

Administrators are walked through examples of Filerobot plugins.

 Image transformation

  • Face blur

Filerobot can now automtically detect one or multiple faces on an image and blur them.

Resolved Issues

2002 Resolved Issues

  • Multiple fixes in URL Builder
  • Resolved an issue where assets where tagged again even when already tagged
  • Multiple fixes in tenant switch
  • Resolved an issue where the language switch of the DAM Console was not visible on Windows clients