FIFA 18 Gameplans and Free Coins help

Ultimate Team - Cashcow with addictive factor

The royal mode at FIFA remains Ultimate Team. The trading card hype rekindles again and again and makes in friends circles to a real arms race. Whoever draws superstars like Ronaldo or Messi can be got with FIFA 18 Free Coin Points, reaps concentrated resentment this year. It is frowned upon to cash in real money, but everyone has secretly done so. That's why EA has been working on its cash cow for years.

The latest highlight in FIFA 18 are the already presented icon cards. But beyond that, the publisher ties the players to his money mode. At the beginning we are overwhelmed with all sorts of packs so that we get used to the thrill of opening. For greenhorns, there is then a carefully decided introduction that visually guides you through the mode and rewards you with small gifts such as coins or consumption cards. This is joined by daily and weekly tasks that also motivate with small Givings to play. A concept that will probably not only keep me busy for weeks and months.

The best of the best have been competing in FUT Champions since last year, where they hail valuable packs at the end of the Weekend League. If you're constantly on the lid of the many high flyers, the new offline mode called Battle Squads should be something for you. As with FUT Champions, there is a ranking that rewards with packs and coins. However, there are not the number of victories but points that result from the performances of the games.

Fortunately, as a player, we can choose the difficulty level ourselves. The higher the difficulty, the more points. The more points, the better the rank. And most important: The better the rank, the more valuable the reward for the weekend! The number of games is limited. Within a week, four games can be played at irregular intervals. The opponents are real teams from the community FIFA 18 coin generator Xbox one.

With Battle Squads EA now also uses the offline players for FUT and should hope with further income from in-game purchases of impatient gamers.

The Journey 2 - The Return of Alex Hunter

In the story mode "The Journey" we continue the career of the fictitious pro Alex Hunter. In the intro, we go with our teammates in the sunny Rio de Janeiro, where we end the summer break. But instead of lying on the beach shivering with coconut, we prefer to play with the Favela kids on the football field. FIFA Street sends its regards as we dribble through the court in 3 to 3 - of course with a flying goalkeeper! Then follow wonderfully staged credits that make us really hot on Part 2 of the Hunter story.

The mode is a lot shorter than its predecessor. Responsible for this is the significant reduction of the playable parts. In FIFA 17, "The Journey" was still very much based on the "Be a Pro" mode, which meant we had to play many minor games as a player.

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