Usability improvements for search and filtering stuff in FIBRES and a lot more!

Version 2.3.0

new features!-2.png

Features and fixes:

  • Moving the filter-modal to left side of the screen in all views (Discover, Radar, Network, Workspaces).
  • Showing the filtered results on real-time: while the user selects how he wants to filter the view, the results are immediately shown.
  • The search bar is now always visible on list views like Discover or Workspaces. Scroll down the list and see what search words you are using. If using mobile, you can hide the bar if it gets on the way.
  • Home page's carousels order is renewed, see the recent updates first. Remember, that what you view on the home page can be adjusted per browser and device. View only those carousels that are meaningful for your work.
  • File upload improvements: new download symbol indicating what the user needs to do.
  • Possibility to edit the content item's source name and copy the source link with a click.
  • Radar visualisation's sphear (ball) size and detection, and the font size got some little tweaks too.
  • Archiving a Workspace is now possible. (Use Advanced filters to see and restore archived content.)
  • View all invited collaborators in a Workspace under "Show more" -button.

Ready to meet the future? How about asking a question from your users?

  • You can now have one question of your liking that you can ask from the users. For example, "Company Readiness"! Tailor the question to your liking!
  • This is a premium feature, so get in touch and let's talk more.

Changes to user rights:

  • 'Trend Managers' can invite users with 'Trend Scout' or 'Read Only' rights to the platform.
  • 'Administrators' can edit and choose the visibility rules in their account (for example hide the Analyse-section if wanted, or choose a section to be visible to certain user rights only).

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