Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes


Support announcement

We develop FIBRES primarily with minor steps so that your main user experience remains familiar.

However, we will now introduce a major renewal of the FIBRES user interface and related navigation as this is the only possible way of taking its overall usability to the next level.

This UI renewal will be implemented in three main steps during the period from November 2020 to January 2021. Please see selected previews of the new UI, and of the renewal steps in this online presentation.

Also please feel free to book a personal demonstration and Q&A session for your team with a FIBRES expert right from this online calendar.


Over several months, we have compiled a lot of feedback related to FIBRES overall usability.

Then, we have run a lot of experimenting with optional further development paths. We have reviewed benchmarks, we have implemented our own mockups, carried out internal and external user tests, given demonstrations and Q&A sessions with our premium customers, and then someā€¦all in order to find the best possible solution for the FIBRES UI renewal. Phew.

And now indeed we are proud to introduce the updated FIBRES UI!

We trust you will love it. Obviously we also understand that such a big change in many steps during the next three months may cause some irritation. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but still fully convinced you will enjoy the new experience.

Please keep your feedback coming.


Just a friendly reminder: FIBRES will not support Internet Explorer browser after December 31, 2020. We encourage all remaining IE users to switch to current versions of Chrome, New Edge, Safari or Firefox immediately.