Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

UI Renewal Step One, and lots more!

Support announcement

First, a friendly reminder: FIBRES will stop supporting Internet Explorer browser as of December 31, 2020.

We encourage all our remaining IE users to switch to current versions of Chrome, New Edge, Safari or Firefox immediately. There are known issues with our UI renewal on IE that we are also not going to address.

New FIBRES Release!

FIBRES 2.16.0

We are super excited to bring you the biggest release we've had in a while, with a massive amount of improvements all over! We're especially happy to release the first step of our major UI renewal. Full release notes below, but here's just a quick TL;DR summary first:

  • UI Renewal Step 1: Improved navigation and Content preview, plus introducing the Network Builder for even easier management of content linkages and for browsing AI recommended articles. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates here in our next releases!
  • Web Clipper improvements: in addition to web pages, you can now clip online PDF documents, too.
  • Also improved web clipping from web pages overall, as well as even better auto tagging.
  • Our premium FIBRESEED Data Service now also integrates with GDELT, the largest and most comprehensive open database of human society ever created!

And now, into the details then:


  • Major UI Renewal Step 1
    • Improved navigation from Home and Discover (and Collect for those of you with Data Management Booster Pack enabled) views to Content Full View, always remembering the original context where you left off when navigating back to the home/list view
    • In-place Preview in list views: No more additional step of opening a Preview on the side (or on top on mobile) when clicking on a Content Item! You can still see a summary of the Content Item on the list view by expanding the article on the list. This should please especially those using FIBRES on a mobile device!
    • Introducing Network Builder for managing the Linked Content of an article. Now all modifications to pins and linked content happens in Network Builder, and the Content Full View only showcases the already pinned / linked content as well as content Recommendations made by AI. This change will happen in several steps, so please note especially that
      • Filtering by content type will be restored in the next release
      • Showcasing the existing pins/linkages and recommendations will also be improved to address the problematics with having scrolled a carousel, navigated to a different article and then returning to the previous one
  • Web Clipping improvements
    • Overall improvement on how data is extracted from web pages, addressing issues with several sites where only limited data could be extracted
    • Capability to create a Content Item from an online PDF document (with further improvements coming up shortly)
    • Improved auto tagging of Content Items created from web pages
  • GDELT for FIBRESEED: For those of you using the FIBRESEED Data Service, you'll now have articles available from GDELT, a huge database that monitors hundreds of thousands of broadcast, print, and online news sources from every corner of the globe in more than 100 languages, every moment of every day. Please contact us at for details.

Smaller improvements & fixes

  • You can now hover over a flash message with your mouse in order to prevent it from closing before you have read it in full, or close it before it times out
  • Performance optimizations, especially with initial loading of the FIBRES application, and with opening Content Full View
  • Fixed an issue where you needed to click twice to start editing an empty title or description in Content Full View
  • Fixed a problem where User list actions were not available for a Trend Manager for managing Trend Scout and Read Only users
  • Fixed an issue with Radar item sizes when a small number of items were shown
  • Fixed a problem with closing the Joint Evaluation Poll modal using the "X" button on top-right corner
  • As usual, numerous small layout and other fixes here and there

Phew. That's a big one. Hope you like it!