Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

UI Renewal Continued - and Heading Towards 2021!

Support announcement

First, a final reminder: FIBRES will officially stop supporting Internet Explorer browser as of December 31, 2020. During early 2021 we will also technically block access to FIBRES using IE.

We encourage all our remaining IE users to switch to current versions of Chrome, New Edge, Safari or Firefox immediately. There are known issues with our UI renewal on IE that we are also not going to address.

New FIBRES Release!

FIBRES 2.17.1


  • Improved Home view: The view where you land when logging into FIBRES is now even easier to browse with the new Article Grid layout!
  • While at it, we now also use Article Grids on Content Full View for showcasing Pinned content, already Linked Content and AI Picks
  • And talking about Content Full View, it also has an improved layout. Stay tuned for more improvements on upcoming releases!
  • Network Builder tools for managing the links of a Content Item now has type filtering
  • The Network Builder is now also available via Discover on any article "card" shown, just expand the card and you have the option to open Network Builder for that Content Item
  • Improved Tag suggestions: When editing Tags of a Content Item, you now get even better suggestions from AI for new Tags
  • In Content Completeness suggestions, we replaced the reminder about assessing Impacted Regions with a one reminding about linking a Content with an already existing other items on your FIBRES Account


  • Fixed an issue with Network Builder, which caused the last item not to be shown fully on mobile devices when action bar was visible
  • Fixed an issue with Tag editor which caused the editor not showing in full when there were a lot of Tag suggestions
  • Fixed an issue with Web Clipper, which in some rare occasions caused duplicate articles to be created
  • Add to Home Screen function now works again on mobile devices
  • Fixed a corner case in email validation, preventing you from inviting users with some rare formats in their email addresses
  • Fixed a problem with "Share using email" not opening an some older email clients
  • And the usual plethora of small layout fixes here and there

Heading Towards 2021!

It's been a crazy year 2020. We hope you have stayed safe, and that you and your families, friends, and colleagues are doing well. In case you have lost a close one, please accept our deepest sympathies and support. Luckily, we at Team FIBRES are all well.

The pandemic, while devastating in loss of human life and health, seems to have some positive impacts, too: it has brought many of us closer together as we have joined the same battle through all humanity on the planet.

In our current understanding, year 2021 will bring a lot of relief with covid vaccinations, and with other focused efforts to beat the pandemic.

In business terms, it seems that year 2021 will be opening up for FIBRES quite positively indeed. We have closed quite a few new deals during late 2020, and will continue to do so in early 2021. Our product development is progressing nicely, we will keep introducing new exciting things, and we are expanding our marketing and sales efforts to reach even wider than before.

To wrap things up for 2020: thank you all so much for your commitment to FIBRES, for all your feedback, and for all your support. We will continue doing all we can to offer you the best possible tool and platform for your foresight and futures work. After all, that's why we are here: Your Team. Your Future.

Our best wishes for the holiday season!