Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

Say goodbye to Discover, introducing Findings

Version 3.2.1



  • Change in terminology to highlight the difference between content already in your FIBRES Account (your Megatrends, Trends, Signal Clusters and Signals are now called findings) and external content in Sources
    • Discover is now called Findings; this is the home of your findings
    • Sources is still the home for your external data sources
    • AI Picks in item full view offer a combination of both as suggestions based on your currently open finding or Collection
  • Reworked filtering, with text search moved to filter panel (or modal on smaller screens) on Sources, Findings and Collections
  • A rework of the view controls on visualizations
  • Reworked card design in item full view in Linked items / AI Picks, now aligned with recently renewed card design on Home page
  • Introduced show more / show less in Linked items / AI Picks of item full view
  • New home page grid "Top-level findings" to list matching Megatrends, Trends and Signal Clusters
  • Mentioning yourself in comments now generates a notification for yourself in order to e.g. allow personal task management via the Notification Center


  • Transparent background in Network and Radar PNG downloads to allow easier embedding to presentations etc.
  • Added show less in Sources to reset a list in it's default state
  • Improved ordering of invitation actions in Your Community
  • "Select all" for impacted regions + multi-select classifications
  • Renewed Owner filtering, now with the option to filter for findings that do not have a human owner


  • Fixed an issue with "Open in a new tab" issue in link editor, when an item is opened from Network
  • Improved resolution of Network download image
  • Fixed phrased searches using smart quotes and negated searches not working in Sources
  • "Unlink" icon was hidden by video content in content full view cards on Linked items
  • Fixed overlap of "Position on Radar" dropdowns when opening next dropdown without closing previous one(s)
  • Fixed bogus file size limit text when adding an attachment
  • Applied the usual dose of UI polish here and there