Radar update and introducing Megatrends

Version 2.2.9


  • Radar had a little facelift this time! The size of the “trend balls” is now depicting the evaluated impact strength. So be sure to go and evaluate all the trends you have in your FIBRES account.
  • Filter content based on their type on both Radar and Network visualisations, narrow down the items you wish to discuss.
  • Best thing here though is that per request from team FIBRES, new values for “primary domain of impact” are available. Contact us for more! It shows up on each content, under Impact assessment and ultimately puts trends on their positions in the Radar-visualisation.

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 15.23.06.png

  • We have a new content type called Megatrend! This can be a good addition for everyone working with their foresight content. Megatrend is naturally an option for filtering content in Discover, Radar and Network.
  • It’s also visible as a default carousel on the home page and as in Analysis-section (Analysis is an area where users can link content in a randomised way, be surprised and see what FIBRES suggests for you).
  • New layout for PowerPoint exports for Foresight content types (Signals, Signal Clusters, Trends, Megatrends and Workspaces)

For our administrator users there are also few more tools

  • New default message templates for inviting new users.
  • Resend the invitation with one click of a button for invitees that may have lost their original invitation message.
  • You can keep an eye on easier on the amount of users in your own FIBRES account. You’ll also see the numbers according to each role.
  • First version of the invoicing view is rolled out. This is a place where as an administrator (person who placed the order for FIBRES in the first place for example) can fill in invoicing details if needed. This is not yet mandatory even for our paid accounts. You’ll find it behind the support area and Administration (visible only to admin users).

View our website for more information about FIBRES.