More choices on how to use visualisations

Version 2.2.8

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Friend’s Day as we celebrate it in Finland.

Starting from the most visible changes first:

  • In the visualisations (Network and Radar) option to hide out any content that does not match a selected filter in Network and Radar
  • Also in visualisations, an option to filter out content that is linked to a Workspace, filtering option is available in the filter modals in Network, Radar, and also in Discover
  • Support hub also has a short introduction video now to the key elements of FIBRES.
  • User profile area layout change (moving the elements to different positions: picture and name information side by side, save + password change side by side, log out on the right corner of the area).
  • Home page showing max 10 cards in a carousel and ‘show more’ -call to action shown in the carousel default card (the last card shown on carousels).
  • In all list views, improved comment indicator on cards. A highlighted symbol indicating new comments, a tooltip showing the number when hovering on top.
  • In Analyse-section, signals also included in the randomized content suggestions.
  • Showing “close the content” -button also after creating a new signal with a web clipper, or navigating to the platform via shared link (user will return to Discover (signal/ topic/ trend) or Workspace (workspace)).

Thanks for checking! And have an insightful week!

View our website for more information about FIBRES.