July release is here!

Version 2.4.2


  • Introducing a new premium feature: CSV exports! With this feature enabled, you have the option to export your current search result in Discover view into a CSV file for further big data analytics, etc. Please contact support@fibresonline.com if you are interested...and also ask for information about other FIBRES premium features!
  • The front page has been improved based on your valuable feedback:
    • Fewer carousels are now shown by default. But don't worry, all carousels are still available - you can select which ones you wish to see in your front page settings.
    • There's also a new carousel available for Unlinked content! This is certainly useful for spotting content that might need some additional work: signals that have not yet been associated with any trend for example. Unlinked content is also available as a new filter option in the Discover view.


  • New password policy: Next time you change your password, you will be required to use a more secure password. This obviously also applies to newly registered users. Your existing password will continue to work, but you are encouraged to change your password if it's been a while since you last did so. When entering a new password, a new and shiny password strength meter will help you with choosing a strong password :)
  • Users view has been improved with an option to filter users and invitations by email address.
  • The hideable search filter for list views now has an improved layout on mobile devices.


  • Security: HTML attachments are no longer opened in the browser by default.
  • Fixed a problem where some web clipped content items were showing an empty white space in place of the article image on IE11.
  • Squashed a number of minor layout issues here and there.