Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

Introducing FIBRESEED, and more!

Version 2.15.1

Our October update brings some Cool New Stuff to your FIBRES Account!


  • We launched a new and customizable FIBRESEED premium service for bringing in new external trend data! Please contact us for more information and a free trial!

  • We've added some more intelligence to Recommended Content in Content Item View, so you should get even more precise recommendations for the Content Item you are viewing.

  • Improved Users view: Users view has been reworked based on your feedback: The invitation controls are now easier to access, and the Users listing works much better especially on mobile devices

  • Invitation emails to Joint Evaluation Polls and Collections now have a more user-friendly layout


  • Fixed an issue with Email Notification where user would sometimes get notified even if the content was last updated by the user herself
  • Fixed an issue with Email Notifications where user would get notified even if they opted out in their profile. Sorry!
  • Fixed a bunch of layout issues on Radar visualisation
  • Fixed a problem with content carousels where the last item was sometimes not shown in full
  • Fixed an issue which caused an unauthenticated user to land on Home view instead of Content Item view after logging in, when clicking a link to a Content Item in e.g. Email Notification
  • The usual bunch of layout issues here and there