Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

Improved navigation, quick linking, pdf scraping, and more!

Version 2.22.1





  • Reworked navigation and related views in order to prepare for upcoming additional Community functionality
  • Quick linking and unlinking of content in Article View grids (no need to open Network Builder every time)
  • PNG export for Network visualization
  • Create from PDF: You can now create a Content Item from a PDF document stored on your computer





  • Separation of Linked Content and AI Picks in Article View + re-positioning of "See all in Network Builder" button for improved readability
  • In case you are using the Pinning feature, there's no longer a separate Article Grid for Pinned items, but Pinned items are shown on top of Linked Content
  • When web clipping a PDF document using the Web Clipper, the original PDF is stored as an attachment
  • Added content owner's email address to CSV export
  • For those of you using the FIBRESEED add-on service for automated data inputs, there's now elimination of duplicate recommendations (= the same article coming in from difference sources)





  • Fixed Radar ”disappearing” after export/zoom on Safari
  • Selected item's title now always shown on Radar when titles clash
  • Improved loading time of Radar visualization
  • Fixed a problem where you'd sometimes get an error message when doing several updates to a Content Item in rapid succession
  • Applied the usual amount of UI polish all around