Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

Home page improvements

FIBRES 3.1.2

Thank you for all the feedback we've received on our recent introduction of the Home search and the Source section! We've been listening carefully as always, and the first improvements based on your feedback are there already!



  • Your selections in "Modify your home" are now remembered across all browsers and devices where you are using FIBRES. The global settings will be applied from the device where you save your settings the next time.


  • Re-worked the Expert cards on Home page
  • Improved readability of Home page cards overall
  • Home page list title improvements for smartphone screen sizes
  • Made "View contributions in Discover" action in user profile popup more noticeable
  • Re-ordered + renamed linking options in Discover action to provide most common actions first and to ake them more understandable
  • Improved the positioning of the title labels on Radar visualisation


  • Fixed a problem where search text was not "Remembered" on Discover/Collect
  • Fixed not all Classification criteria being available in filters
  • Fixed inconsistent Owner filter selection colouring
  • Fixed email link on Expert cards not working