Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

Date filtering and more!

Version 3.3.0



  • Filtering by "Added" (=creation date) in Sources/Findings/Collections


  • Reworked to colouring of Radar visualisation
  • Filters on Radar now shows completely next to the visualisation (no longer partly on top of it) on desktop screen sizes
  • You can now access the discussion of a finding/Collection directly from the list view cards
  • The filter panel now has a expand/collapse function for classifications in Accounts with many classification criteria
  • Improved alignment of margins in item full view sections (and introduced a more clear separation of sections on smartphone screen sizes)
  • Latest discussions / most discussed grids on home page now behave consistently with "recommended" grids (=don't include findings without comments)
  • On Accounts with content pinning enabled, "Download as PPT with pinned items" now always shown in item full view actions to hint the availability of the feature even if there are no pinned items. Action is disabled when there are no pinned items
  • Improved selected node animation in Network
  • Your Community: role selection for a newly invited user now uses a drop-down component consistent with other drop-downs in the application
  • Increased max size of article videos + attachments
  • Lots of other UI improvements all over


  • Title/Description changes were not updated to "Share by email" without a refresh in item full view
  • Clicking on the card comment indicator did not open finding/collection
  • File extension thumbnail was not being shown in attachments section
  • Result count not shown in "X matches" on list views when there were 0 matches
  • Incorrect text ("Signal" instead of "Signal Cluster") showing in Network/Radar legend
  • Clicking "Clear filters" on Sources did not clear all filters when navigating to Findings