Radar Improvements and New Signup!

Version 2.14.0

We have been working hard during the summer, and are happy to bring you again a new FIBRES release!


  • The algorithm for placing your Megatrends and Trends on the Radar visualization has been improved, resulting with even better readablity for your Radar!
  • If you would happen to be reading this even if you don't yet have a FIBRES Account, this would be a perfect time to sign up and give it a try - signing up to a new Account has never been easier!
  • Change history of a Content Item now also shows changes to content sources
  • All FIBRES Accounts now have additional activity statistics shown in the Content Item full view


  • Fixed a problem where an archived Content Item would sometimes show in your Discover search results even if you did not opt to include archived items
  • Fixed restoring an archived Content Item in Discover view
  • Fixed a few corner cases with Content Item search when using a search phrase
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused invalid Joint Evaluation Poll invitation messages being sent

Issues with Web Clipping - Fixed

Issues with the FIBRES Web Clipper have been fixed.

While clipping during the next couple of hours, you might still see some "empty" results due to caching effects: if the same article has been clipped during the issue, the empty result may have been stored in a cache and now still delivered to you. Even this problem will be solved in a few hours from now.

We now also have an alternative clipping service immediately available in case such problems should ever appear again.

Thank you for your understanding!

Issues with Web Clipping - Fix is on the Way

For fixing the current issue with the FIBRES Web Clipper, we are already running tests on migrating onto a new clipping service. We will soon know whether we get a fix for the current clipping service or whether we replace the current service with this new one. Either way, a fix will be there asap.

Issues with Web Clipping - Status Update

The FIBRES Web Clipper issue is due to degraded service in the web clipping service platform we are using. We are pushing them to solve the issue asap. We'll keep you posted.

Issues with Web Clipping

FIBRES Web Clipper is having issues at the moment. The Clipper only provides Signals including a source link and some meta data. No title, image, or description of the clipped article are being brought in. We are investigating the root cause, and will post an update as we learn more.

Improved Content Findability and UX Enhancements!

Version 2.13.0

To celebrate the hot summer days here in Finland we're happy to introduce new FIBRES features, again based on your valued feedback!


  • Improved content findability: Finding Content Items is easier than ever with our new search engine under the hood! Most notable improvements include:
    • Support for prefix search
    • Matching partial words
    • "Fuzzy" search to better deal with e.g. stemming and typos
    • "Most Relevant First" sorting on Discover now always brings best text matches first regardless of Content Item type if there is a search text present
  • Swipe for carousels: Browse through your Home Page Content and Recommendations in a breeze!
  • Home Page re-touches: Easier access to Home Page settings, improved links to respective sorting/filtering on Discover
  • Improved Suggestions in Impact Assessment: improved views for assessment suggestions based on linked content
  • Action Bar improvements: Even easier access to available actions
  • New default sorting for Collections: Those of you using the Collections feature set, the Collect list is now showing latest updates first


  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the application to get stuck in "Loading…" state when opening FIBRES, and would require a browser refresh in order to get to the app
  • Fixed a problem where Radar items were sometimes showing on top of sector boundaries
  • Fixed a problem where "Import" in Mapegy Power-Up would sometimes result in "Nothing to import from this item" error (relevant to only those of you using the Mapegy Power-Up)
  • As usual, lots of polishing of the UI here and there

More Radar Options & Pin Content for Showcasing!

Version 2.12.1

Thank you again for your feedback - this time we bring a bunch of frequently asked new features! Perhaps most importantly: the Radar can now use actual calendar time. Also you can now Pin the most relevant linked content for easier showcasing inside the Content Item view!


  • Option to use Calendar time (years) in Radar view - please contact support@fibresonline.com for a demo if you are interested!
  • Speaking of the Radar, all Accounts now have the arc colouring inverted, dimming towards the future… we believe you catch our meaning ;-)
  • Option to enable Content Item owners to Pin the most relevant linked content to showcase them in a separate carousel. This is an optional feature already in use with selected FIBRES Enterprise Accounts - please let us know if you're also interested to try out!
  • Collection new links notification: For those of you using the Collections feature set, there is a new email notification sent to Collection Followers whenever new content is linked to the Collection. This way you'll never miss interesting new stuff!
  • When inviting a new user to your FIBRES Account, the default invitation message now indicates the invitation sender.
  • The initial load time of the application is now greatly reduced when opening FIBRES for the first time after a while.


  • Fixed a problem where the Email Notification would sometimes be triggered for items that had not changed since the previous Notification (still you will get notified twice: first after 24 hours and then after 72 hours has passed since unseen changes).
  • Fixed a problem where an invitation for an existing FIBRES user to a new Account would not be duly processed when the user was already authenticated.
  • A newly created Trend or Megatrend is now highlighted when entering the Radar view.
  • Fixed a problem where a non-URL Source link in a Content Item would redirect the user to Home view.
  • A lot of usability related fixes here and there as we continuously strive to make FIBRES even easier to use!

Web Clipping is back online

The provider of our Web Clipping service platform has implemented a fix to restore the service, and FIBRES Web Clipper is working again. We are still closely monitoring that everything is back to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the outage!

Issues with Web Clipping

FIBRES Web Clipper is having issues at the moment due to degraded service in the web clipping service platform we are using. The service provider is aware of the issue and are working on it. We'll post an update once Web Clipper is working again.

May update is here!

Version 2.11.0


  • Best Matches in Content Browser: When searching for more content to link to an existing Content Item, the Content Browser now has a default tab "Best Matches" which shows suggestions automatically provided by FIBRES on similar content in your FIBRES account that could be related to current Content Item
  • Configurable default visibility of Collections: If you are using the Collections feature, you now have the option to get your Collections to be created with Private visibility by default. Please contact us at support@fibresonline.com if you wish to switch the default visibility for Collections!
  • Browser Compatibility info: Users of Internet Explorer and legacy Edge (EdgeHTML) browsers now get a warning on Login view that some functionality may not work perfectly. For optimal FIBRES experience, we recommend using recent versions of Chrome, Safari and new Edge browsers.


  • Fixed a problem with linking content when opening Content Browser while something already selected in "Recommended Content" in Content Item view
  • Fixed a problem where unlinking an already linked content item was not working in smartphone devices
  • When changing content item type, the changed item now shows in correct place in Discover with “Most relevant first” sorting
  • Search tips were missing in Content Browser
  • "Share using email" and "Share link" buttons in Content Item view were not clickable all the way
  • Fixed a problem where action bar in Content Browser was missing on iPad when rotated to landscape
  • Fixed a problem where a grey area was shown in bottom of the application when switching from landscape to portrait view on iPhone Safari