Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

Issue with FIBRES email notifications fixed

We have just deployed a fix addressing an issue with triggering "FIBRES notification" and "Links added to a Collection" emails. Because of the problem some you may have missed some notifications on unseen updates in your FIBRES Account. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Fixes for Article View

Version 2.20.2

This bug fix release addresses the following issues

  • Fixed a problem with updating classification values in Classification section of Article view in Accounts using Calendar Axis Radar
  • Fixed Owner / Collaborators of previous article showing in Article View when navigating between articles when the target article did not have an owner
  • Fixed a performance issue with Linked tab of the Network Builder when there were a lot (=hundreds) of linked articles

Issue with images fixed

Since the deployment of a new FIBRES release on yesterday evening EEST, there was a problem which caused images not to show on Articles extracte from the Web, and adding images / attachments to FIBRES Articles to fail. This issue has now been fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience!

New Tags Editor, and More!

Version 2.20.1


  • Re-design of Tags editing in Article View
  • Any number and grouping of Mapegy Power-Up panels is now available
  • Reduced number of clicks when adding an article image
  • Unseen comments indicator now consistent with Discover cards in Preview


  • Owner and Recommend status were not updated when navigating between Content Items
  • Application sometimes stuck in "Loading" when accepting a Collection invitation
  • Change history layout break when there are multiple changes in a single history entry
  • Invalid actions showing on Discover when there are archived cards in selection
  • Fixed enter key sending a comment on tablet devices
  • Fixed "Start of Mainstream Impact" not showing on CSV export for Accounts configured to use Calendar Axis on Radar visualization
  • The usual bulk of small layout fixes all over

Under the hood:

  • Major rework of Radar and Network visualizations as part of our ongoing UI framework migration
  • Major rework of FIBRES APIs, including framework/library upgrades and performance improvements

More Intuitive Radar Positioning, and More!

Version 2.19.1

More UI improvements

Like you've seen with recent FIBRES releases, we've taken many steps to improve FIBRES' user experience. With this release, we're happy to say that the changes we communicated in our UI renewal plans late 2020 are complete! Still, we always have further improvements planned, so please stay tuned and keep your feedback coming :-)

  • Article View
    • More intuitive Radar positioning: We've clearly separated the Radar positioning from other classification criteria, and even added a "Mini Radar" to indicate where the Article will land with your selections
    • Improved Discussion modal, also with a better Comments editor!
  • Discover
    • Introducing the Multi-Linking Tool to replace and improve earlier functions
  • Visualizations
    • Rework of Preview on Radar an Network to provide more "real estate" for the actual Visualizations
    • "Hide filtered" and "Hide unselected" (Network only) are now available also on tablet screen sizes

Other improvements

  • Added "Introduction" field to User Profile, giving you the possibility to briefly describe your interests/expertise etc. to other users on your FIBRES Account


  • Fixed user profile images not showing in Users list
  • Fixed a problem where Card actions were shown for an Archived article on list views
  • Fixed issue with Network Builder selection when switching tabs from "Unlinked" and back
  • The usual bunch of UI polishing

Degraded performance (resolved)

Support announcement

The performance of FIBRES platform has been restored to its normal level. Our team is still actively monitoring platform performance. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The problem was caused by temporary slowness in network connectivity between FIBRES app backend and our database cluster. We are already working on improvements on our application architecture to improve the performance of database operations overall, and to minimise the probability of degraded network performance between our application modules.

Degraded performance (investigating)

Support announcement

We are experiencing degraded performance on FIBRES platform at the moment. Our team is investigating the cause of problem.

UI Improvements Continued & a lot more...

Version 2.18.1

UI Improvements continued

We've worked extensively on the major UI and navigation updates over the last couple of releases, and we're almost done with the major steps. A huge Thank You for all the feedback we've received so far! Some of the improvements in this release are already based on your feedback. Thad said, please keep all feedback coming, and stay tuned for some new exciting stuff in the next release also :-)

  • Home Page

    • The order of the Article Grids in Home Page can be now customized in Home Page Settings.
    • Improved structuring of Article Grids in Home Page, with “sticky” titles to always indicate which Grid is showing at the moment.
    • “Modify your Homepage” button moved to the top of the Home Page.
  • Article View

    • To make Article View even simpler and more readable, Comments and Change History have been moved from the side view into a modal. To make it easier to follow Article discussion, Change History is hidden by default.
    • Introducing Article Assistant, which at its first step replaces completeness meter and separate duplicate warning.
    • Long Article descriptions are no longer shown in full by default to reduce the need for scrolling.
    • Show Link to Original Article in under description when there is a single URL source for the article.
    • Mapegy Power-Up is moved to Network Builder, where all searching for new content to link and the editing of linkages happens. There is still a way to open the Power-Up in Network Builder directly from Article View though.
  • Discover

    • Added “View on Radar” and “View on Network” actions on Discover cards (for items that are shown in the respective visualizations).
    • Added Archive / Delete to Discover actions also on smartphone screen sizes.
  • Joint Evaluation Polls

    • For those of you using the Joint Evaluations and Polls feature set, the UIs both for creating a Poll and for the actual voting have been reworked to allow even smoother creation of and participation in Polls.

Other improvements

  • Improved AI Picks for aggregate level articles (Megatrends, Trends, Signal Clusters and Collections), based not only on the Article being viewed, but also on the already linked content.
  • Signal Clusters are now shown in Radar visualization.
  • In FIBRES Accounts where Pinning articles is enabled, you can now also pin Collections.


  • When deleting an Article in Article View, user now returns to previous Article (if there is one) instead of going all the way back to original state (Home Page or a list view).
  • Don't show "Originally Published" in Article View when it's unknown.
  • Applied a maximum to how many flash notifications we show simultaneously.
  • Fixed Discover search controls “flickering” on iOS Safari when scrolling articles.
  • Fixed a problem which in some rare cases caused user getting redirected to login view, even if their session was still valid.
  • Fixed an issue with "Hide filtered" action in Network visualization.
  • As always, lots of UI polishing here and there.

Maintenance Break on Thursday, January 7th

We are doing some maintenance on the FIBRES platform on Thursday, January 7th, 2021, starting at 6 pm EET (= time in Helsinki, Finland).

FIBRES will not be available during the maintenance. The maintenance will last for three hours at maximum, i.e. the platform will be available again at 9 pm EET at the latest.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the maintenance.

Updates to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Important Changes to FIBRES Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

At FIBRES Online, we are committed to keeping you informed of changes to our terms and conditions.

We have made changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These changes are not intended to weaken your rights.

The updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will be in force from February 1, 2021 onwards. By continuing to use our Services after this date, you indicate your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

We have listed some of the most important changes below. Please make sure to read the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in full before continuing to use our Services.

Thank you for building your futures with FIBRES!

Changes to FIBRES Privacy Policy

The most important changes may be listed as follows:

  • augmented scope of the Privacy Policy to cover not only users of our Services but also other individuals whose personal data we may collect and process especially related to our marketing and customer relationship management activities
  • minor updates to align with recent legal interpretations and recommendations both by legal authorities and by certain technology providers added details of which data we may collect of individuals

Changes to FIBRES Terms of Use

The most important changes may be listed as follows:

  • added and modified terms and conditions e.g. related to IPR and indemnifications, to better cover for third-party content (such as add-on services and powerups) integrated to our Services
  • modified terms and conditions related to free (non-paid) Accounts we sometimes offer to individuals, our resellers, other partners, and/or for educational purposes

Please contact us at for more details.