New Key Visual and Slogan, Branding Options, and Enhanced Joint Evaluation!

Version 2.8.0

Happy New Year 2020! To celebrate the new year, we introduce a new FIBRES key slogan: "Your Team. Your Future."


  • A new key visual and the new key slogan for the home page view were implemented!
  • If you wish to include your own logo or slogan on the home page, or if you want to have your own MS PowerPoint template for content downloads, please contact us at !
  • You can now open Content Items into a new tab by ctrl+clicking or right-clicking the content quick open buttons.
  • Those of you with the Joint Evaluation ("voting") feature enabled: your admin users can now create Polls for even easier evaluation of many items at once.
  • Those of you with the Workspaces feature enabled: the Workspaces navigation button was repositioned. This is to prepare for a later feature upgrade: Workspaces will be renamed, and there will be new possibilities many of you have been asking for…more info about this coming soon!


  • Fixed a problem where revoking a user account would fail on some occasions because a notification to the revoked user could not be delivered.

Stronger Search Capabilities!

Version 2.7.0

This time around we had special focus on bringing you even stronger search capabilities!


  • Discover view now has a new default sorting: “Most relevant first”. It lists content primarily sorted according to content item hierarchy (Megatrends > Trends > Signal Clusters > Signals). Further sorting is then by latest updated or by most relevant text matches first (if search text is given).
  • Improved text search for list views (Discover, Workspaces): supports search phrases and most common operators!
  • "Find similar” now produces even better matches, with more suggestions and type hierarchy similar to Discover.
  • Improved Analyse to show even more relevant suggestions, with some intended randomness still involved though.
  • Improvements to automatic tagging of new Content Items when web clipping.
  • Organization info added to user profiles.


  • Fixed a problem where editing a content item would in some rare cases result in an error message.
  • Fixed a problem where all content was not shown correctly when scrolling down in Discover after returning to Discover from the Content Item view.
  • Carousel settings now shows carousels in the same order than they appear on Dashboard.
  • Fixed a problem where the Legend button on Radar visualisation was not fully clickable on IE/Edge.
  • Fixed some layout issues that only appeared on iOS 13.
  • As usual, other small layout fixes here and there.

Maintenance on Saturday, 23rd of November

We are about to introduce some cool improvements for your FIBRES Account! In order to prepare for this, we are doing a bit of maintenance on our platform on Saturday, November 23rd, starting at 10:00 AM EET (Finnish time).

FIBRES will be available during the maintenance window, but you might experience some operations taking longer than usual. FIBRES will be back to normal operations by 1 PM on Saturday at the latest.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

More Support!

Several configuration updates on the embedded user support features!


  • Changed the Settings icon into a gearbox icon (top right corner).
  • Changed the Support icon into a question mark (bottom right corner).
  • Moved the FIBRES 5-minute intro video from Settings to Support.
  • Reconfigured the FIBRES Introduction Tour under Support.


  • Added new tours, tutorial videos, and support links under Support!

Content Recommendations and Statistics!

Version 2.6.2

Our second update for October brings new stuff for collaboration!


  • Content recommendations: you can now recommend interesting Content Items to promote them to other users in your FIBRES account! Most recommended items are then shown in a new carousel on the Home Page, and also you can sort by "most recommended" in Discover.
  • Content statistics: the Content Item view now contains statistics on how many users have viewed and recommended the item, and also how many are following the item development.


  • Fixed a problem where all content was not shown correctly when scrolling down in Discover after returning to Discover from the Content Item view.

October Update

Version 2.6.1


  • Easier content linkages!
    • Overall, you may have noticed we are improving the content linkages management step by step. Now we took another step again - and yes, we know it's still not perfect yet...
    • A search function was introduced to allow searching for already linked content.
    • For adding new linkages, you can now filter content to be linked by content item type.
    • Editing of content linkages now happens in a popup window instead of in-place editing (so now you might miss the preview of content to be linked :-( but do not worry as even the next steps are on their way already).
  • "Create" button is now available in all content related views.
  • Follow function is now available for workspaces also (for those of you who are using the workspaces premium feature).


  • Fixed layout issue with top navigation dividers on recent Chrome versions.
  • Fixed some corner cases where PowerPoint export would fail, or result in an empty export.
  • Fixed "freezing" of Zoom in/out buttons in Radar visualization on Firefox when there were active filters.
  • Fixed an issue with Discover view scrolling where the list was sometimes reset to top position when scrolling down.
  • When entering the Network visualization, the view is now better focused on displaying the most linked content.

Under the Hood

  • Did some housekeeping on our system backend. Once more sorry for the service break...hope you noticed the in-advance heads up on that one and hope we did not disturb your work too much!

Improved Content Linkages, and More!

Version 2.5.0


  • Inside a Content Item, you now have all Linked Content (Signals, Signal Clusters, Trends Megatrends) listed in a single Linked Content section! This layout improvement has been requested by many of our users...and we indeed agree this is a lot better than the previous version!

  • In the Community view, Administrators and Trend Managers can now see the latest activity date of users whose access to FIBRES they are allowed to manage.

  • We also improved the performance of the Radar view when working with large numbers of Trends and/or Megatrends.

  • ...and finally, we've even been working on some updates "under the hood": there is new stuff already just waiting for some final details before going public...please stay tuned!

July release is here!

Version 2.4.2


  • Introducing a new premium feature: CSV exports! With this feature enabled, you have the option to export your current search result in Discover view into a CSV file for further big data analytics, etc. Please contact if you are interested...and also ask for information about other FIBRES premium features!
  • The front page has been improved based on your valuable feedback:
    • Fewer carousels are now shown by default. But don't worry, all carousels are still available - you can select which ones you wish to see in your front page settings.
    • There's also a new carousel available for Unlinked content! This is certainly useful for spotting content that might need some additional work: signals that have not yet been associated with any trend for example. Unlinked content is also available as a new filter option in the Discover view.


  • New password policy: Next time you change your password, you will be required to use a more secure password. This obviously also applies to newly registered users. Your existing password will continue to work, but you are encouraged to change your password if it's been a while since you last did so. When entering a new password, a new and shiny password strength meter will help you with choosing a strong password :)
  • Users view has been improved with an option to filter users and invitations by email address.
  • The hideable search filter for list views now has an improved layout on mobile devices.


  • Security: HTML attachments are no longer opened in the browser by default.
  • Fixed a problem where some web clipped content items were showing an empty white space in place of the article image on IE11.
  • Squashed a number of minor layout issues here and there.

Patch release 2.3.3


  • Users with Manager user rights were allowed to manage invitations for other managers and administrators, when this should only be allowed for trend scouts and read-only users
  • When using the Web Clipper, the creation of a new content item sometimes got stuck if there was a problem extracting the image from the web article
  • Minor layout fixes here and there for mobile devices


  • If joint evaluation is enabled in your FIBRES account, the average of each evaluation is now only shown to a user after they have given their vote. Please contact if you are interested in using the joint evaluation feature.

Small fixes and tweaks

Version 2.3.2


  • Fixed a problem where rendering the users list was slow in environments with a lot of users accounts
  • Fixed a problem where users with access to a private content item visible to them via a workspace could not link their workspaces to the private item


  • Long content item titles are now truncated in Radar visualization to improve readability
  • Improved security of platform and workspace invitations even further (the change is only visible to users as slightly different looking invitation links)