Fibresonline release notes
Fibresonline release notes

Small fixes here and there



  • A layout issue in the navigation drop down menu with "Choose language" and "Help" menu items
  • Naming or "Your collections" filter in Collect view
  • "Most relevant first" sorting not working correctly in Network Builder's Unlinked tab
  • User rights issues for Trend Scout users in Network Builder
  • "Download as PPT with Pinned Content" showing even if there's no pinned content
  • "Email your Colleagues" feature in Your Community now shows a warning when no users match current selection of role(s)

Improved Radar item placement and more!

Version 2.24.0



  • Improved item positioning on Radar for even better layout on Radars showing a lot of items
  • Rework of linking user rights: now Trend Scouts are allowed to link content to Trends and Megatrends. Previously they only were allowed to link Trends/TCs to content they had the right to modify.
  • Related to the above, also Pinning user rights have changed for those of you with Pinning enabled in your FIBRES Account. Now anyone with edit rights to an article has the right to Pin content to it, whereas previously only content owner and admins were able to pin content.
  • Added sorting options for Network Builder and Multi-Linking Tool
  • Added 'recommend' as an action on Discover cards
  • Possibility to filter Your Team's Content only on Discover to easily distinguish between human owned articles from ones coming in from automated data sources.
  • PPT export: for items with Pinned content, there's now an option to export the Pinned content alongside the main article.
  • "View in Network" action for Linked Content in Article view
  • Your Community view now has grouping of users based on last activity timestamp
  • Email your colleagues: When current selection results in too many users for email clients to handle in a "mailto" URL, the user is presented with an option to copy email addresses to clipboard instead of opening the email client directly via a mailto link.


  • Fixed a video playback issue for very short video clips on home page
  • Improved the centering of radial axis labels on Radar
  • Fixed mentioning as user in Discussion not working for users with certain special characters in their names
  • Fixed "Your Content" filter not working in Collect view

Fix scrolling issue on Discover

Version 2.23.4





  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Discover scrolling not to work (more content did not load when scrolling down)
  • Fixed a problem with type label and Article title not showing on Article Assistant when scrolling down in Article View
  • Fixed a problem where "Originally Published" date did not show in Article View even for Articles which have that date specified

Fixes to visualizations, Network Builder and more

Version 2.23.3





  • Fixed Radar item titles flashing when dragging the visualization
  • Fixed Radar resetting to default zoom when clicking on an item
  • Fixed an issue with adding attachments other than video or image to Articles
  • Fixed Network Builder filtering issue when there were pinned Articles
  • Fixed "jumping" of content when scrolling down in Network Builder
  • Notification Center: notifications of a specific Article were not marked as read immediately upon navigating to the Article
  • The Create modal was not scrolling to top on mobile devices when moving forward in the modal steps

Improved Help functions!

Version 2.23.2





  • Help functions have been moved from bottom left corner of the application to the main navigation menu.
  • Improved wording of navigation links on Home page.





  • Fixed issues with filtering on Network and Radar visualizations

Introducing Hypersearch and more!

Version 2.23.1

It's been a busy summer here at Team FIBRES, and as a result we have a brand new release with some exciting new features and improvements!





  • The new Hypersearch allows you to search through EVERYTHING at one go: you'll find Articles and Collections in your FIBRES Account, expert colleagues related to your search topic, and, most interestingly: new content from the open web, sourced via FIBRESEED premium service! For those of you still not yet enjoying FIBRESEED, please contact for a demo and a free trial.
  • A rich text editor for your FIBRES Articles (Signals, Signal Clusters, Trends, Megatrends) and Collections
  • Option to use MP4 videos as Article media in place of Article images.
  • Community View now has the option to send emails to other users in your FIBRES Account.





  • Improved usability of Discover filters
  • Improved user flow for visibility change of Articles (public <-> private)
  • Support for pinch zoom on Network visualization





  • "Pulsating" effect of the selected item on the Network was not always working
  • Fixed scroll to top not working on iOS Safari when navigating between Articles
  • Fixed text filtering issues on visualizations
  • As always, small UI fixes here and there

Improved navigation, quick linking, pdf scraping, and more!

Version 2.22.1





  • Reworked navigation and related views in order to prepare for upcoming additional Community functionality
  • Quick linking and unlinking of content in Article View grids (no need to open Network Builder every time)
  • PNG export for Network visualization
  • Create from PDF: You can now create a Content Item from a PDF document stored on your computer





  • Separation of Linked Content and AI Picks in Article View + re-positioning of "See all in Network Builder" button for improved readability
  • In case you are using the Pinning feature, there's no longer a separate Article Grid for Pinned items, but Pinned items are shown on top of Linked Content
  • When web clipping a PDF document using the Web Clipper, the original PDF is stored as an attachment
  • Added content owner's email address to CSV export
  • For those of you using the FIBRESEED add-on service for automated data inputs, there's now elimination of duplicate recommendations (= the same article coming in from difference sources)





  • Fixed Radar ”disappearing” after export/zoom on Safari
  • Selected item's title now always shown on Radar when titles clash
  • Improved loading time of Radar visualization
  • Fixed a problem where you'd sometimes get an error message when doing several updates to a Content Item in rapid succession
  • Applied the usual amount of UI polish all around

UI fixes for Discover and more

Version 2.21.3





  • Notification Center now closes when clicking anywhere outside it, not just by re-clicking the Notification icon
  • In Article View, description can now be expanded also by clicking the indicators for Sources, Hyperlinks and Attachments
  • Improved performance of retrieving Contributors and Commenters in Article View





  • Fixed an issue which caused Discover scroll to stop working after scrolling down a few pages
  • Fixed a problem where an error message was sometimes shown after permanently deleting a Content Item
  • Fixed user avatar layout break when initials were too wide to show inside the avatar circle
  • Fixed a layout issue with the Mini Radar on Article View with very small mobile device screens
  • Small UI polish here and there

In-app notifications, "pinging", Radar export, and more!

FIBRES 2.21.1

We're super excited to bring several long-awaited improvements to boost collaboration in your FIBRES Account!





  • "Pinging" other users in Comments is finally available in FIBRES! Just type @ in the commenting box to trigger search for your fellow users
  • Introducing the Notification Center in your FIBRES navigation top bar. Here you'll receive notifications about updates to your followed content, invitations to and new links to your followed Collections (if the Collections feature set is active on your Account), and personal comment pings to you (see above). More notification options coming up later!
  • Possibility to export the Radar as a png image - simply zoom and filter the Radar as you wish, and then click the button on the bottom right corner for export.





  • Renewed user avatar (using initials) when there is no profile image
  • Enhancements to the Article View
    • Renewed management of Sources, Hyperlinks and Attachments
    • Improved layout of Discussion/Owner section
    • Automatically open discussion modal when entering if there are unseen comments
  • Added Article type descriptions in Create flow to help decide which type of content to create
  • Multi-linking tool UX improvement (disable selecting already linked content within a single Multi-Linking tool "session")
  • For those of you using FIBRESEED premium service for external data sourcing: removed separate "Import to FIBRES" action in Network Builder, as the same result is achieved via the "Link" action





  • Performance issue with Discussion modal when there are a lot of change history entries
  • Multi-linking tool sometimes showing "No content found" even if there are many items available
  • Layout issue on "Hide filtered" / "Hide unselected" on the Radar and Network views
  • Updating Article title in full view did not update the title immediately for the front page or Discover
  • The usual bunch of small UI polish all over

Maintenance break on Tuesday, May 25

We are doing some maintenance on the FIBRES platform on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, starting at 6 pm EEST (= time in Helsinki, Finland).

FIBRES will not be available during the maintenance. The maintenance will last for four hours at maximum, i.e. the platform will be available again at 10 pm EEST at the latest.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the maintenance.