FeaturePeek changelog
FeaturePeek changelog

🎬 Record your screen, post as a gif in PR





Sometimes a screenshot alone just doesn't cut it. It's so much easier to communicate the minutiae of animations, CSS transitions, and UX flows by having a video recording in addition to your feedback.

Recording your screen is now just a click away. Click the new Record Screen button located in the bottom left-hand corner of any running environment. Once you give your browser permission to record your tab, window, or screen, the recording will begin.


When you stop the recording, you'll be presented with a preview of what the video looks like, and a text area to write a supplemental comment. When you submit the form, a comment with your newly created animated gif will be posted in the pull request. Just like with taking screenshots, your browser metadata will be included automatically.

Browser support

Screen recording is supported in the latest desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox, and in Safari if you enable some experimental settings.

To enable support in Safari:

  • Go to the Advanced tab in Safari Preferences.
  • Make sure "Show Develop menu in menu bar" is ticked.
  • In the Develop > Experimental Features submenu, enable both MediaRecorder and ScreenCapture.