Persistent logins across environments

If your front-end app uses any authentication mechanism like Auth0, you might have noticed that you get logged out when jumping from one FeaturePeek environment to another. That's no longer the case!

Your app's sessions will now persist across FeaturePeek environments.

Previously, every environment spawned as a host with a uniquely random origin. Now, every project lives on a consistent subdomain, so your cookies and local storage values are shared between them automatically. The intended environment gets routed to automagically – for example, loading a relative asset (like /cat.jpg) will still work as expected, even if the contents of the file differ across pull requests. Keep an eye out for an upcoming article on our new blog that will dive into further technical details about how we did this.

No action is required by you to enable this functionality. If you encounter any unexpected behavior, please drop us a note at