FeaturePeek changelog
FeaturePeek changelog

Create issues in your Linear projects and cycles





With our new Linear integration, you can create issues in your projects and cycles directly from FeaturePeek. Linear helps streamline software projects, sprints, tasks and bug tracking, with the goal of creating a more enjoyable way to manage software development. Visit our integrations page to learn more about this integration and to securely enter your Linear access token.

FeaturePeek Linear integration.png

New FeaturePeek integrations page





Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 1.18.07 PM.png

Easily add integrations with third-party services like Trello, Monday.com, and Clubhouse with just a few clicks. Our streamlined integrations page lets you connect to familiar productivity and issue tracking services via a secure OAuth flow. The best part? Once your favorite third-party tools are integrated, you can create new issues/tickets/cards directly from a FeaturePeek deployment.

Create tasks in your Monday.com workspaces





With our new Monday.com integration, you can easily save tasks to your boards and workspaces directly from FeaturePeek. You can file the tasks under your groups, add screenshot and screen recording attachments, and your browser metadata will be sent along automatically too. It's a great way to encourage everyone on your team to follow the same format when creating new tasks. Head over to your integrations page to securely enter your Monday.com access token.


Proxy to your backend





If your project is static and you make requests to relative paths (e.g. /graphql) that are served by a separate API server, you can now serve those requests from your backend by enabling a proxy in your project settings. Enter the path to be forwarded and the full URL of the backend endpoint to forward to, and all requests to that path will be automatically proxied. Requests made to the proxy path will include any custom HTTP headers you provide. Head on over to our documentation to learn more.


Support for Azure Container Registry





We now support pulling docker images from Azure Container Registry. You can use any CI provider to push to ACR, although you'll have the most seamless experience when paired with Azure Pipelines.


Copy-edit mode






Previewing edits to text content on the web has never been easier thanks to the new Copyedit Mode. Just by clicking a button, you can edit any text on the page, while retaining its original styling. This is a great way to let non-technical stakeholders test copy variants using the page's actual styling. The copy edits won't be saved — it's just a preview — but if you'd like to propose your changes to the PR author, simply leave a comment with a screenshot in the FeaturePeek drawer.

Responsive mode





Responsive Mode

Test out your website in various device dimensions on FeaturePeek by using our new Responsive Mode feature. You can select between common phone and tablet sizes, and toggle between portrait and landscape mode.

When you send someone a FeaturePeek link, the device dimensions will be saved in the URL, so your reviewer will look at the page at the same size and orientation that you had set.

Of course, nothing beats testing on a real device. That's why we also added a QR Code popover, so you can quickly open whichever page you're looking at on your personal device just by scanning a QR code.

QR Code

Crop and annotate screenshots





A picture's worth a thousand words — how many is an annotated picture worth?

Now when you take screenshots on FeaturePeek, you'll get the opportunity to edit and mark up your screenshot before you compose your comment.


You can do this just by clicking a few buttons in our UI. Much easier than juggling image editing programs!

Clubhouse integration





Attention Clubhouse users! With our new Clubhouse integration, you can easily save stories to your Clubhouse projects, epics, and iterations directly from a FeaturePeek deloyment.


You can add screenshot and screen recording attachments, assign story owners, and your browser metadata will be sent along automatically too. It's a great way to encourage everyone on your team to follow the same bug report template when creating new stories.

Head over to your integrations page to securely authenticate with Clubhouse.

Redesigned drawer





We're proud to release a completely redesigned FeaturePeek drawer! The unified drawer brings new functionality and improved UX.


Comments, page views, issues, and more are all presented together in a timeline view, giving you a clearer overview of the progress of your branch's changes. You can file tickets to your connected integrations here too.

Click the FeaturePeek button in the bottom left-hand corner of your deployment previews to open up the new drawer.