FastLien changelog
FastLien changelog

FastLien gets a makeover!





We're excited to introduce you to what's new:

  1. A brand new home page. Get all the important information at your fingertips on the dashboard

  2. New State-specific pages. We have implemented a map of all the US states, color-coded by tax lien, tax deeds, hybrid, and redeemable deed states. Click on them and you get all the important tax sales information on that specific state, like redemption period, maximum interest rate, rules, and regulations, sales procedures, link to state tax sale statutes, link to upcoming sales, map, and list of all the counties and population of that state - all in one page!

  3. New and easier menu to navigate. In the extras section you will find useful tools that will help you with your tax lien and tax deed business, like: our exclusive NJ profit forecasting tool a complete list of all the best zip codes of Florida State. New and easy-to-use auction calendar for every state a glossary of terms section to consult and get familiar with most used terms in the Tax liens and Tax deed Business

  4. Premium lists. Get enriched lists with all the details for every parcel, like address, assessed value, building value, links to Google Maps, Zillow, and Best Places.. where you can gather all the information you need to make informative decisions. At the moment we only have premium lists for New Jersey and Florida, but we plan to add more state premium lists soon.

  5. Improved Wallet, with new features and metrics in order to know exactly where you’re at in your tax lien and tax deed business.