New Jersey Tax Liens, and ROI calculator

See all the tax lien details for most New Jersey districts, including parcel ID, property use, land & building value, and exact location.

Moreover, we also offer a tool to forecast your New Jersey tax lien ROI, as well as simulate and define your maximum bid and premium.

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Calendar view

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We just enhanced our sale list feature. You now get more information on upcoming and past Lien, Deed, and Redeemable sales including the sale location and the phone and email address of the tax collector.

Moreover, we also included a calendar feature where you can see all sales for the next months and plan ahead!

Sale lists

We just added a new feature to FastLien. You can now get the raw sale lists for upcoming and old Lien, Deed and Redeemable sales.

Every day the list is updated with the next 30 days FRESH lists.

This feature is only fully available to paid customers.

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New counties added

We are always working hard to get you timely information you can use in your tax lien research process.

We just added new counties to our database of tax liens, including Duval, Sarasota, Highlands and more!

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