Farsi.School updates
Farsi.School updates

Your Vocabulary





You may have noticed the new link Vocabulary on the left in the navigation. You will find there a list of all words you have encountered while watching videos, and all those you looked up. It's still a bit bare-bones for now, though hopefully already useful. I am very much excited however about what we are going to build on it.

  1. We want to help you review and commit to memory your vocabulary. We want to add the ability to export to external software such as Anki. But we also want to integrate our own spaced-repetition based review system.

  2. We'll try to estimate your skill level and vocabulary size, which will help us suggest videos to you that are just at the right level of comprehensible input.

  3. Finally, we are thinking about adding some tasteful gamification features. But rather than arbitrary point metrics, we'd much rather base that on useful metrics such as words or grammar concepts learned.

This new feature will serve as the basis for all of the above.

Thoughts? Let us know via the chatbox in the bottom right corner.