Farsi.School updates
Farsi.School updates

New Difficulty Ratings





We want to make sure we can offer you content that are right for you, depending on your level as a learner. I think it is fair to say we did a pretty bad job at this so far.

We had a system by which we could mark videos and books with a difficulty rating, but we failed to use this system reliably. It's also really hard to do by eye, especially if you want to use more fine-grained groupings than just beginner/intermediate/advanced.

So what we switched on now is some new code which attempts to estimate the difficulty of an item based on some set rules. It's not perfect yet, but we are reasonably happy. You'll notice the little colored bar everywhere - it's a 10-scale rating.

Going forward, we are planning the following additions:

  • Allow you to filter and sort by difficulty.
  • Introduce a personal rating, which will be based on the words and grammar concepts we know you know, rather than a generic idea of what we would expect a learner to be familiar with at a certain level.