Farsi.School updates
Farsi.School updates

Keep Track Of What You Already Saw





Not having any updates to share with you over the last couple of weeks was a bit frustrating. We've been hard at work, but changes were easier too small to warrant one, or bigger long-term work that is not quite ready yet.

But one feature there just came online is that we are now telling how just how much of a video (or book) you already looked at, via the green bar you can see on top of content previews:

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 5.42.05 PM.png

The goal of this, and a lot of other upcoming changes, is that we want to make the content library more accessible and discoverable, guiding you more and helping you find the right thing to watch. We intend this to include:

  • More reliable and complete difficulty ratings.
  • Thematic categories (which so gar we didn't provide due to the library being still smallish).