Farsi.School updates
Farsi.School updates

iPhone & iPad App!





We've worked really hard this last month to build our mobile apps. This required a port of the whole app to a new platform, so it was no small undertaking. But now it's done! Go to the AppStore and search for farsi.school. Here is how it looks on the iPhone:

iPhone Screen.jpg

The app works on both the iPhone and iPads. An Android version is coming very soon. It is basically ready, but we'll have to iron out some kinks.

In the future, we are going to improve our mobile apps further. I have my eye on two things in particular:

  • Offline-Support for videos.
  • Support for touch gestures to improve usability.

By the way, you'll naturally be able to use your subscription on iOS, and if you choose to buy a subscription on the phone, you'll also have access to all videos on the web (as well as on Android in the future).