Farsi.School updates
Farsi.School updates

Improved Player





Over the last couple of weeks we spent a lot of time on the play screen itself, trying to make the experience more enjoyable. On the surface, it looks mostly the same (you won't have to adapt to any changes), but we improved a lot of small details.

Bigger Persian Script

We increased the font size of the Persian subtitles:

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.18.47 PM.png

This just makes them easier to read for learners.

Mobile Support

Making the website work better on phones and tablets is an on-going process, but we hope it should be pretty decent now. We now also support swipe gestures to jump forwards/backwards through lines.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.20.48 PM.png

We're also promising that an app is not too far off.

New manual mode

Turned on, playback will stop after each line. You decide if you understood it. If you did, you move on to the next line, or, you can choose to replay the line.

We find this quite useful when dealing with videos that are a little bit too advanced to follow without taking some time to think about what was just said.


We added tooltips to the controls in the player, which should help clear up any confusion, and also allows you to lookup the keyboard shortcuts available.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.23.08 PM.png

Small delay in repeat mode

If you lock onto a line to be repeated, we added a 2-second pause after each repetition, giving you a little space to think.

Going forward, our focus will be on improving the learning tools. We have a number of ideas on how to make the lookup popup better. We also want to give you better insight into what videos you watched, what vocabulary you encountered and which words you looked up, so you can study those words specifically.