Hello everyone,

Till now, this website was used for conveying you about the updates in Course of Exergic.

From now on, we have moved this system here: http://exergic.in/students-centre

Please visit the new website only. This website will be closed in a few weeks.

Two new tests are live now!

COURSE: Question Bank

We have added 2 new tests in Engineering Mathematics

  1. Calculus
  2. Complex Analysis

Go ahead and attend them.

Please note that whatever updates we are doing will be reflected in the account of already enrolled students also, so there is nothing that enrolled students will miss. :)

Updated few questions. Added few more tests.

COURSE: Question Bank

Question Bank is one of our most loved courses.

In 2019, we are going to make significant improvements in the course. Moving ahead, we have made following updates in the Question Bank:

  • Replaced 20% questions of Shafts and Gear Design (Machine Design) with new improved questions.
  • Added 1 test of Non-Traditional Machining and CIMS.
  • Added 5 tests of Engineering Mathematics.

Please note that whatever updates we are doing will be reflected in the account of already enrolled students also, so there is nothing that enrolled students will miss. :)

Manufacturing and Production → Example added

COURSE: Video Course

Solved Example added in Video Course.

Subject: Manufacturing and Production.

Unit: Metal Cutting - 2

Topic: Lathe operations

Say hello to Exergic Webinars. 👋

What could be better than connecting one-to-one and getting your queries answered by experts! So make this happen, we have launched the Exergic Webinars. In these webinars, your preparation related queries will be resolved by us. You will be given the right direction, guidance and motivation to ace GATE.

There are two types of Webinars:

  1. Public: Public webinars can be accessed by everyone, irrespective of whether he is enrolled with us or not. However, there are going to be limited seats in a particular webinar.

  2. Premium: Premium webinars can only be accessed by the members of Premium Group. Know more about Premium Group here: https://exergic.in/exergic-premium-group/

Know more about Exergic Webinars here: https://exergic.in/exergic-webinars/

Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 7.25.53 PM.png

Secret Facebook group is now 'Exergic PREMIUM Group' with new features.

We were using secret Facebook group for solving doubts of our enrolled students. And we just made it better. How?

  1. Doubt Solving has been made faster and better by using a new funda of keywords. You can now search the questions posted earlier easily to save time.

  2. Premium Webinars will be conducted on a regular basis to keep you guided and motivated. You will be having one-to-one interaction with the mentor and get your preparation related queries resolved instantly.

Know more here: https://exergic.in/exergic-premium-group/

Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 8.19.11 PM.png

Uploading errors removed

COURSE: Test Series for GATE 2019

There were some errors in 3-4 questions of FLT-1 and FLT-2 (GATE 2019 Test Series). Those have been corrected by us. We are making sure that such errors do not come in further FLTs.

Go ahead and solve: https://exergic.in/gate-test-series

Now, watch it at your pace.

Many of the Video Course users have been demanding the feature where they can control the Playback speed, so that they can increase the speed of video in those portions which they have already covered.

Good News: It is here. We recently launched this feature where you can increase the playback speed what speed suits you.

Save yourself some more precious minutes!

Caught and penalized!

We take our content security very seriously. Our content is something which we are creating after hours of hard work and passion.

As we have conveyed earlier via different mediums that we have implemented many security features which help us in keeping track of how the course is being used. Detecting IP address location, number of logins, number of hours watched, pattern of video watching, these all things have helped us in blacklisting certain accounts. One such account was caught by us last week who sold his course to someone else 2 months back.

What action we took?

  1. Course immediately cancelled without refund
  2. penalized with 2 times of the course amount
  3. necessary legal action taken.

So, the person who bought the course from him paid the money for nothing, because the course got blocked and the one who sold it faced legal and financial troubles.

Should you worry about it?

If you are the only person using the course, it is my promise that this will never happen to you. We understand that objective of vast majority of users is pure, so we consider lot of things before doing this. But if you are sharing it with someone / selling it to someone by going against our Terms & Conditions, your course can get blocked any day, followed by 3 actions we mentioned above.

Video Course of Manufacturing and Production is launched!

COURSE: Video Course

Undoubtedly, Manufacturing and Production is one of the most important subjects of Mechanical Engineering. Its Video Course has been launched now and those who joined it are loving it. For details, visit www.exergic.in