Recognize to whether the product and service tick paid or used on the Deal.

Recognize to whether the product and service tick paid or used on the Deal. The checked tick could be examined on the total amount of price.


Deal, task, ticket, GrowthHack able to be archived

  • When you click in the upper right corner of the cards, It is possible to two way of archive such "Archive this list" or " Archive all cards in this list". ss1.png

  • To show archived cards, click the " Show menu" for filtering archived items or stages.


  • The archived cards can be added back to board and deleted.


Attention: While you archive the list, it can not show the item details and can not send back to board.

CallPro now possible to listen the incoming call.

Before it could not listen the incoming call. Now It is possible to listen the calling. Go to inbox then click to play button. /ss1/ Only the owner user and calling assigned person can listen that call.


Amazon SES config improvement

When create an Amazon SES new account, this will be placed in the Amazon SES sandbox. When your account is out of the sandbox, you can send email to any recipient, regardless of whether the recipient's address or domain is verified. However, you still have to verify all identities that you use as "From", "Source", "Sender", or "Return-Path" addresses. To improve a sending limit increase, you have to move out sandbox.


  • You can be verify email on the system. It allows us to do not need to verify from Amazon SES. Also you can test directly from the system window.


  • The configuration:
  1. Register first


  1. Save configuration
  2. Send Sandbox request and verify approve
  3. Verify the emails
  4. While email verified and send test email is successful, other case would be code error. The sending emails are 90% successful, it can be consider the system running normal.

Permission improvement

Before even users have legal rights on user group, when filtering by email, it seems, they did not have right. Now it is updated to shown granted users.

Added new selection for "Granted ". When unselect "Granted " and filter the users, it can be shown the forced deleted permission.


CallPro Enhancement: shown the integration number and assign the operator number.

  1. Can be shown which the integration number is received incoming call


  1. In order to assign the operator number, Operator need to configure number on teammembers.


  1. Automatically assigned operator number on that call.


Insert your website within the Messenger window.

Insert your website within the Messenger window. Configuration:

  1. Settings=> Appstore=> Website.

ss1Website works with messenger.png

  1. Create button that you named and connect the link.

ss2 Website works with messenger.png ss3 Website works with messenger.png

Admin now can reset password for the team members.

Admin now can reset password of team members who forgotten their password.

  • Go to Settings => Teammembers window=> Actions menu


  • Reset member password and insert new password.


Gif extension's file is allowed to attach all attachment fields.

Gif extension's file is allowed to attach all attachment fields namely Task, Ticket, GrowthHack, Deal and Inbox.

Added Save&Continue button on the Customer window.

When new customers filled their general information, they can save and continue to go custom property. Before they need to fill general information, then find themselves from custom list in order to go custom property.

  • Window view of new customer general information.


  • Click Save&Continue to go custom property.