erxes Inc updates
erxes Inc updates

Filter archived cards




Customers can now find any records from the archived list of Deal/Task/Ticket cards by filtering with Due Dates, Team Members, Labels, Priority, etc.

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Automation: work smarter and create a better customer experience




The automation feature allows users to automate repetitive tasks by setting Triggers and creating Actions if the trigger conditions are met. The current version automates workflows using existing erxes features such as Contacts, Forms, Team Inbox conversations, Team Members, Deal/Ticket/Task Cards. Learn more.


New Custom Property type: List




Now you can create a new custom property where you type in any number of text inputs as a list. You can create this type of property for any of the erxes items in Settings/Properties.

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Filter before exporting items




You can use the Segment building to filter your items and export them now. For example, if you'd like to export Leads with the tag "Newsletter":

  1. Choose Leads from the Import/Export menu
  2. Select the properties to export
  3. Choose the filter as Tag equals Newsletter and click Apply Filter
  4. Click Apply (required)
  5. Click Export

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New Segment Builder




We've improved the Segments feature with a brand new design and capabilities.

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With this improvement, you can:

  • Use a combination of contact and its associated card properties (i.e., segment contacts with active deal/ticket/task cards)
  • Use the and/or logic to define the relationships between criteria
  • Group filter properties and assign and/or logic to a group of criteria or individual criteria

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New Pipeline View: Activity




As promised, we've added the Activity view for Pipelines. To see the activities of a single pipeline, please choose this view from the top right section and select the type of activity you're looking for.

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Bug fixes and UI improvements





  • Added a back button for Knowledgebase articles displayed in the Messenger (from the article list back to the subcategory.)


  • Fixed: issues with sending attachments, media files, and links through Facebook integration.
  • Fixed: couldn't export tags, deal, board, pipeline, product, amount data.
  • Fixed: profile images of chat operators were stretched and did not auto-adjust.
  • Fixed: couldn't move between slides of a Campaign creation.
  • Fixed: image sizes were not auto-adjusted when viewing Knowlegdebase articles in the Messenger.
  • Resolved: due to the recent Chrome update, the file upload was not showing. To fix this issue, please relaunch/update your Chrome.

New Webhook Actions: Update Cards and Remove Contacts




Card updates through Outgoing Webhook

Erxes now can notify an external API on updates or creation of tasks, tickets or deal cards by using outgoing webhooks:

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Remove contacts with Incoming Webhook

Aside from updating contacts in erxes, now you can remove Leads, Customers, or Companies with incoming webhook. Do set this webhook, please review this documentation or forward the link to your IT personnel:

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It's now easier to assign tags to conversations




Long-form tags were hard to differentiate when assigning them to conversations. They are now wrapped and displayed in full for better reading. Also, the search field can now find from subtags as well:

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Properties improvements



  • You can now update property type between Select, Multiselect, Checkbox, Radio button types and not lose the previously inserted options;
  • Property options can be edited by double-clicking on them;
  • You can drag and drop to change the order of the options:

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