erxes Inc updates
erxes Inc updates

Mobile App Updates





  • You can now select multiple conversations at once by swiping left on a conversation. After selecting multiples, you can resolve, assign, or tag these conversations at once.
  • Added the Tag option when swiping right on a conversation.
  • Added the 'Resolve All' button
  • Added the 'Clear Filter' button on the left-hand side filtering option (Channel, Integrations, Tag.)
  • To clear any filters, tap on the main icons in the bottom horizontal navbar.





  • 'Load more' was not working for the Board/Pipeline dropdown list.
  • The 'back' button was not working when opening a card on Android.
  • Search field in the Contacts menu was not working properly.
  • Couldn't mention someone in a note on the Android version.
  • Improved the Android app speed.

Bug fixes and UX improvements






  • When a user signed up with the magic link, they could not set up their password for the first time.
  • Updated the 'Do Not Disturb' default property by changing the title to 'Subscribed' 1) to avoid double-negative and 2) make the use of this property easier when creating a Form field with it.
  • The full list of IMAP integrations (over 20) was not scrollable or fully visible in the Settings/AppStore, and the background was transparent.
  • Form fields with custom widths are now displayed with that preference in the Team Inbox.
  • Stripe payment subscription was not disconnected when a customer canceled their subscription on their Global Profile. Refunds were made and the code updated.

Campaigns and Segments

  • Segment with an 'Owner' filter was not working.
  • Logs were not recorded properly for Campaigns with an 'every minute' schedule.
  • When choosing some of the default email templates, the app text was changing along with it.

Boards / Pipelines / Cards

  • Private Pipelines were visible in the card move dropdown list.
  • The search field for Products & Services wasn't working when working on a deal card.
  • Associated contacts on a Card preview showed archived (i.e., merged or deleted) contacts on a Card preview.

Knowledgebase Improvements





  • Ability to move an article between categories and knowledgebases: CleanShot 2021-05-27 at 21.37.52.png

  • Ability to move a category between knowledgebases CleanShot 2021-05-27 at 21.37.01.png

  • Introduced the Parent Category option to be used with the upcoming Client Portal. Please note that it is not recommended for knowledgebases when used as a widget or a Messenger add-on: CleanShot 2021-05-27 at 21.27.54.png





  • Not all categories were visible on the Messenger add-on knowlegdebase if more than 20 categories were created.
  • Some items were not visible inside the erxes dashboard for an edit, even though it is live on the website knowledgebase widget.
  • When creating a new article, the editor was displaying any previous contents

Form Improvements: custom CSS, pagination, form list sort





As we continue improving the existing features, the Form feature had a few new capabilities added. Now you can apply your own design style with custom CSS, section your form questions by pages, and sort the list of Forms.

Sort your Form list

As a default, the most recently created Forms will appear on top. But you can sort your Forms by name, number of views, conversion rate, number of contacts gathered, and date created. With this feature, for example, you can first filter by tags and then sort by KPIs such as the number of views to see the best performing Forms:

CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 20.22.57.gif

Divide your Form into pages

Now you can divide your Form into multiple pages. To create pages, add the number of pages you want on the Content slide of the Form edit page:

CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 20.11.21.png CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 20.08.33.gif

The end-users will see their progress on top of the form as a percentage. This feature could be used with the Form Logic to ensure the content of the Form is relevant to each and individual end-user filling out the form. For example, you could create your Form so that some questions or entire pages are hidden from certain end-users depending on their initial answers.

Apply your own design with custom CSS

There is a new step in the Form editing page called Advanced Styling where you will now add custom CSS. Here is an example of CSS where the header section is hidden, and the button size is reduced:

.erxes-topbar {display:none}
.erxes-form .erxes-form-content .erxes-button.btn-block {width: auto; margin: 0 auto !important; }

CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 19.47.05.png

Here is the comparison of the Form before and after the additional custom CSS:

CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 19.46.07.png CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 19.44.57.png

Attach files in the confirmation email

Now you can attach any files for the confirmation email. Please note that the one-time file upload limit is 15Mb and ensure your preferred file type is added in the Settings/System Config/General Config/File Upload seciton.

CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 20.50.39.png





We also identified and fixed a bug when the end-user could not select a field option if that option text included a comma.

Card Attachment Preview Slider v1





Now you can preview Card Attachments without downloading them. In this first version, you can use the preview feature in the Task/Deal/Ticket Cards with most of the file types except video/audio files.

  • To switch between files you click on the arrows or use -> <- buttons on your keyboard.
  • Once the preview is displayed you can either open it in a new tab or download it.
CleanShot 2021-05-06 at 14.18.12.gif

If you're having trouble uploading files, please check your file upload settings:

  1. Go to Settings -> System Config
  2. Click on General Config and expand File Upload
  3. Choose the accepted file types:
CleanShot 2021-05-06 at 14.59.51.png

We're planning to include this feature in other attachment types, such as emails, along with audio and video file types in the next version.

Custom Property Order and Visibility by Boards or Pipelines





Now you can change the order of your individual custom properties and property group:

CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 18.55.34.gif

You can also display custom card Property groups for only certain Boards and Pipelines:

CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 23.31.27.png
  • If no boards are selected the group will be displayed throughout the Sales Pipeline/Task/Ticket feature.
  • If you selected a Board, but left the pipelines unselected, it will be displayed on all pipelines of that Board.

Set Auto Campaigns for Pipelines





In March, we introduced the Card Segments for creating custom filters in your pipelines. This time, we added those Cards segments as an option for setting Campaigns. For example, you can set automatic emails to be sent when you drag a card to a different stage as they progress along your Deal/Task/Ticket pipelines:

CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 17.09.45.gif

In this case, let's say a tour agency wants to send a quote for the tour package and some personalized content as an email to the lead associated with this deal card above. You can set up auto emails for each stage, but we'll create segments for the Quote Sent stage for this one. Let's create a parent segment with two subsegments for these different group types:

CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 17.34.27.png

Step 1: Create Custom Card Properties

Here were are updating the custom card property on the right and then moving the card to the next stage. If you have any differentiating properties, please create those in advance by going to Settings -> Properties - > Deal/Task/Ticker Properties. Also, notice that the card already has a contact associated with it and make sure their email verification status is valid.

Step 2: Create Card Segments

Please go to Settings -> Segments -> and choose from the segment type on the left to create these segments.

Parent segment

The parent segment will have the base filters that will be used on all subsegments:

CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 17.34.43.png

  1. The first filter makes sure that we are targeting only active cards and not archived ones.
  2. The second filter is for setting how many minutes later you want the email to be sent after you drag a card to this stage. We strongly suggest you set this 'timer' over 15 mins to give yourself a generous room for error. This is to avoid miscommunication with your customers if you accidentally change the stage of a card.
  3. The third filter is a custom card property in this instance. For example, different quotes are depending on where the tour is organized. Or, if you operate in multiple languages, you can add Language preference as a custom card property here.


Once you set up your 'base' parent segment, you can create subsegments where you point the stage name:

CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 17.35.01.png

Step 3: Create an Auto Campaign Email

Once you create your segments, please select one stage segment in the Campaign target selection slide:


CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 17.35.54.png

The number of customers found in the segment will likely be 0 when you're creating the Campaign. Not to worry, that means that nobody moved a card exactly 15 minutes ago to this stage.


On the next slide, please set the schedule as every minute:

CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 18.04.58.png

Things to consider

  • Make sure you choose the right time filter for the parent segment. If you don't set that timeframe, but your Campaign schedule is set as every minute, you might end up spamming your contacts every minute.
  • Note that if you're not using erxes SaaS with your own AWS SES account, these auto emails will be sent to contacts with only valid email verification statuses on the erxes database. Please refer to this guide on how to verify your email addresses. If you connect your own AWS SES account, the restriction can be updated.

Bug fixes and UX Improvements





Here are the bug fixes and UX improvements we made in the second half of April.


  • Conversation Parent Tags are expandable now. Previously, the long list of Conversation tags was difficult to navigate when filtering the Team Inbox conversations.
CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 16.29.36 2.gif
  • Custom Property inputs were reset once the contact was updated through an Import even though the import file did not contain columns for those custom properties. Now you can import any new customer data, and the previously saved custom properties will still be there.
  • If the Company Branding feature is no longer available the custom domain will now redirect to
  • Growth Hacking feature fix: it was showing an error with code 400.
  • Outgoing Webhook fix: the payload format was not working with Slack.

Campaign and Segments

  • Email personalization fix: when the value is missing for custom properties, the attribute will display as empty for the end customer.
  • Segment value fix: M is for a month, m is for a minute. For example, if you want to segment Leads that were created in the last month, you can do it with the following filters. Here now-1M filters any contacts that were created in the last 30 days counted from today:
CleanShot 2021-04-30 at 15.39.12.png

But if you want to round up the month, you can write now-1M/M, which will round down to the nearest month. If today is Apr 30 and this filter is used, the segment will start counting from Mar 1, since it is the nearest full month:

CleanShot 2021-04-30 at 15.38.46.png

Boards and Pipelines

  • Once a card is moved to a different pipeline, the change wasn't instant. Now it is updated in real-time.
  • Pipeline Filter by Company was not returning all possible results.
  • The Label colors can be customized with HEX color codes.
CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 16.44.19.png


  • Segment contact count was empty in the Contacts list if that segment is chosen as a parent segment. This created a recursive logic and the lack of count numbers for that segment.
  • Fixed the country flag images with new resources.


  • Once a user integrates a Facebook Messenger, the same user couldn't integrate a Facebook Post.
  • The system wasn't asking for an authentication renewal when the user clicked the 'repair' button even though their Facebook account password was changed.


  • Added SMS Deliveries monitoring feature on the Settings page. With this feature, you will see the statuses of individual SMS sent to a specific contact or as a Campaign.
CleanShot 2021-05-03 at 16.17.03.png
  • Auto SMS Campaigns are now enabled with an adjustable limit for each runtime (Settings/System Config/Campaign Config). If the target count is within the limit, the campaign will be sent. Otherwise, it won't run, and a proper message will be displayed in campaign detail page logs.

Global Profile

  • Couldn't update the name
  • Couldn't delete the default payment method
  • Issues with purchasing a Team Member add-on and the plan limit was not changing

Bug fixes and UX improvements






  • Previously, customer engagements through the Auto Campaign were not recorded in activity logs. Now it's recorded and will be shown in the separate Campaign tab:
CleanShot 2021-04-19 at 22.29.09.png
  • Duplicates are now checked and removed when you select multiple tags or segments for a Campaign message.
  • Improved Campaign statistics to count unique end-users.
  • Fixed the Manual campaign sending issue when the state is changed from 'draft.'


  • Not all Email Templates were loading when you were creating a Form confirmation email. Now it loads all available templates.

Team Members

  • Now, you can select the Channel for a team member when you first invite them to your organization. This eliminates one more setup step for that team member.
CleanShot 2021-04-19 at 22.32.23.png
  • Improved the Email Template selection dropdown when you click 'Send an Email' from the Team Inbox.

New properties: Contact middle name and company country list





Added Middle Name field available on the Contact Profile and Property pages, and as a field type for Forms. Also, the Headquarters Country list is available on the Company Profile and Property pages.