Show the label name on the Deal, Task, Ticket

User can show the label name by clicking on labels.

ss1 label without desc.png ss2 label with desc.png

Filter by no label chosen in deal, task, ticket

User can filter no labelled card as following.

ss1 filter no label.png

Teammember invite

When you have invited team member, you can access directly without using email and password.

ss1 invite team member.png You can change your username, full name and password directly, after access your account.

ss2 edit account.png ss3 change pass.png

You can verify your account by received email and change password.

ss4 verify user.png

Sign Up improvement

Register your email address without 6 digits confirmation code.

ss1-1 create new account.png

Then you can directly access using organization name.

ss1-2 insert company name directly.png

Note: You will have received email with 6 digits confirmation code. Reason for

  1. You have to verify your registration
  2. If you do not verify your account, it will not register as a verified user on server and will not receive engage email. To verify account, click "here" button in the email with confirmation code

ss2-1 thank you for choosing Erxes.png

ss2-2 confirm email.png

Filter deals, tasks & tickets by labels

Users can now search deals, tasks & tickets by labels assigned to them.


FB user auto merge

Facebook users with the same image, last name and first names are automatically merged.

Labels in Deal, Task, Ticket

Users can now add colored labels to deals, tasks & tickets and distinguish them from others.

erxes-label.png erxes-label2.png

Check list in deal, task, ticket

Behold checklists in deals, tasks & tickets! You can now:

  • add multiple checklists
  • rename checklist & items inside of it anytime
  • see the progress of the checklist by percentage
  • toggle completed items in the checklist.

erxes-checklist.png erxes-checklist2.png erxes-checklist3.png erxes-checklist4.png erxes-checklist5.png

Product/Service tag

Products & services can now be tagged and you can filter them by tags.

tag-1.png tag-2.png tag-3.png

GrowthHack Vote

Users can now vote on GrowthHack projects.

  • Users can only vote once
  • Voted users can be seen