Highlight deal/task/ticket updated card

A notification icon is shown to users who:

  • watch the deal/task/ticket
  • have been mentioned or assigned
  • have configured to receive notification from settings.ss1.png

Deal, Task, Ticket auto save

Sometimes forget to click save when making changes in deals, tasks & tickets and close the window, and then do it over? Now such is not necessary, for it is saved automatically when you accidentally close the window.

12 Admin language/Widget languages

Dear Mongolian, English, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese & French customers! We can reach out to you in your mother tongue.

Upload image files directly from the editor

You can upload image files directly from the editor. Take the following steps upload:

  1. Select the "image" icon in the editor tools pane.
  2. Select "upload" tab.
  3. Choose the file from your computer.
  4. Toggle button with "padlock" icon to configure image properties.19-1.png19-2.png19-3.png19-4.png

Messenger data import

Customer related extra information can now be imported by 2 ways.

  1. From template file with given column namespace.
  2. By code

CallPro integration

ss1.png Users can now register office phone calls through CallPro integration. To do so: First, contact with CallPro LLC register your phone number. Then register your confirmed phone number through "Appstore > Settings > CallPro" menu.

Only users with appropriate permission can listen the recorded audio.

Desktop notification

Users browsing in different tabs will receive desktop notifications when new chat messages come through facebook & gmail integration & widget.ss1.png

Change log

New features, enhancements & bug fixes will be notified to users.32.png

Tickets now have colored labels

Users can now prioritize tickets with colored labels and see important tickets right away from the list.30.png

File attachment in Deal /Task/Ticket

You can now attach files in deals, tasks & tickets.31.png