release notes release notes

Vale Server v1.12.1

  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue that could cause valid license keys to be rejected on Windows.

Vale Server v1.12.0

  • [NEW] Vale Server is now running the latest version of Vale (v2.10.4)
  • [NEW] Vale Server now supports manual updates to its underlying Vale executable, allowing it to keep up with the CLI releases.
  • [NEW] Vale Server now supports activation through an on-disk license key file.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue that could cause the dashboard to fail to install remote styles.

Vale Server v1.11.0





  • [NEW] Vale Server is now running the latest version of Vale (v2.6.8)

Vale Server v1.10



  • [NEW]: Vale Server is now available on all major Linux distributions through its new AppImage.

  • [NEW]: Updated dock icons on all platforms, and updated the tray icon on Windows for better contrast when using light-themed colors.

  • [NEW]: The VS Code, Atom, and Sublime Text clients now have a 'View Report' command that integrates with the new 'Summary' dashboard page.

  • [FIXED]: Fixed an issue that could cause the dashboard to fail to create a new vocab entry.

Vale Server v1.9





  • [NEW]: Vale Server's 'Studio' page is now publicly available at

  • [NEW]: Vale Server now has a new 'Summary' page, allowing users to create reports about local directories according to custom grading schemes.

  • [NEW]: Vale Server now supports three linting modes: Server (Vale Server only), Compatibility (Vale Server + Vale), Command Line (Vale only). The option has moved from the preferences window to the context menu.

Vale Server v1.8





  • [NEW]: Vale Server now supports running LanguageTool as a background process, greatly improving on-the-fly linting performance.

  • [NEW]: Vale Server's action-processing engine has been completely rewritten, incorporating many performance improvements.

  • [NEW]: New versions of the Atom, Sublime Text, and VS Code clients are now available.

Vale Server v1.7





  • [NEW]: Vale Server now supports specifying a "limit" how often a specific rule is reported.

  • [NEW]: Vale Server now supports a new extension point, "sequence," allowing for more grammar-focused rules.

  • [NEW]: The latest release of the Vale Server VS Code extension now includes vocabulary management features directly in the editor. Similar features will be added to Atom and Sublime Text soon.

  • [FIXED]: Vale Server will now request permission (when not already available) to install an update on Windows instead of showing an error message.

  • [FIXED]: Resolved an issue that caused some valid license keys to be denied upon initial validation.

Vale Server v1.6





Vale Server v1.6 introduces a number of performance enhancements, UI improvements, and big fixes:

  • [NEW] Windows 10 dark mode is now supported, giving the application a more native look when the mode is active.

  • [NEW] Vocabulary files now accept regular expressions.

  • [FIXED] Only one instance of Vale Server may be active now, fixing an issue where multiple instances could be inadvertently started.

  • [FIXED] Multiple ini-related syntax highlighting improvements and fixes.

  • [FIXED] Vale Studio now correctly ignores code-related scopes.

Vale Server v1.5





Vale Server v1.5 introduces improvements in performance, the installation and updating experience, and syncing options.

Selected changes:

  • Vale Server now supports custom, project-specific StylePaths, allowing for more flexible configuration and syncing options.

  • Vale Server is now built and distributed using VMware InstallBuilder on Windows, which a brings much more refined installation and updating experience.

  • Vocabularies are no longer tied to a specific project and are now created via the dashboard.

  • Vale Server now integrates directly with LanguageTool's desktop application, addressing some issues with installation and performance.

Vale Server v1.4





Vale Server v1.4 includes a completely re-designed Dashboard, including the first beta release of Vale Studio—a new interface for developing and testing Vale rules.

Other changes include:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause vocabulary entries to be duplicated after a page refresh.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause "Compatibility Mode" to fail at locating local configuration files.