Automatically log and assign access cards to visitors in Brivo

Making sure that visitors only have access to the necessary areas of your office is critical to security. However, assigning each visitor the right credentials and an access card creates more work for your already-busy front desk team.

Now you can use Envoy with Brivo OnAir to automatically assign access credentials to visitors and revoke them when they sign out. When a visitor signs in with Envoy, Brivo OnAir instantly creates a user record and assigns them the proper access groups based on their purpose of visit.

This benefits you and your visitors in a few ways:

• Streamlines the sign-in process for your guests, who no longer need to wait for your team to create their Brivo record and assign access groups.

• Ensures all guests are logged in your system, so you’re audit-ready

• Frees up your front desk team to focus on other more important tasks

To get started, head to the integrations page, find Brivo, and click "Install."

Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.