Envoy changelog
Envoy changelog

A simplified sign-in for employees





Employee sign-in just got more streamlined. Starting today, employees will notice fewer steps to sign in to the workplace for the day. After completing their health check in the Envoy mobile app, they’ll land on the home screen and see their approval status so they can sign in with just a few taps.

A better way for employees to register on the web





Not every employee can download and use the Envoy app on their personal device. Now, you can give employees the option to register for work, set their schedule in advance, complete their health check, and book a desk from a web browser on their phone or laptop. Learn more.


Create, delete, or edit floors and neighborhoods directly from your dashboard





Tired of uploading a CSV every time you want to add, delete, or edit your desk setup? Now you don’t have to. You can edit desks directly from the map within your desks dashboard. This includes creating, deleting, and editing individual desks, floors, and neighborhoods. Check it out by going to the Desks > Maps option in the sidebar.

Available on all Desks plans. Learn more.

Ensure visitors know health protocols before they visit





Ensure safety and compliance by requiring visitors to watch a video before arriving on-site.

Available on Premium+ Visitors plans. Learn more.

Keep visitors looped in as circumstances change





Things come up and plans change all the time. Promptly communicate updates with visitors to avoid confusion and make a positive impression with every visit.

Available on all Visitors plans. Learn more.

See where your coworkers are sitting and book a seat nearby





Hybrid work and hot desking make it tricky to find where coworkers are working that day. Rather than messaging “Where are you sitting?” or running around the office looking for them, now you can see where your coworkers' desks are directly in the map within the Envoy app. Easily search for coworkers to see where they’re sitting and reserve a desk nearby with just a tap.

Introduce your employees to these new features using one of our templates.

Find coworkers on map 3-up.png

Available on all Desks plans. Learn more.

Turn your app into a powerful partnership with Envoy's Technology Partner Program





Unlock revenue-generating opportunities with Envoy's Technology Partner Program. This program offers a suite of benefits when you build an app to generate leads, drive revenue, and retain customers—all while working closely with Envoy.

Leverage the power, reach, and resources of Envoy to better serve businesses around the world. Find your fit among the three tiers of commercial benefits that include different levels of technical support, sales activities, marketing opportunities, resources, account management, and community support.

Visit the Technology Partner Program portal to learn more and get started growing your business with Envoy today.

Join Envoy's Developer Platform to shape the workplace of the future





We are excited to make the same tools that our developers use to build apps that help customers run their workplace available for anyone to use—for free. Envoy’s Developer Platform hosts a suite of tools and resources to help you create apps, hardware, and integrations to make workplaces work better. 

When you sign up for the developer platform, you get access to:

  • REST APIs and webhooks for Visitors, Protect, and Desks
  • SDKs and sample applications
  • Guides and tutorials for building your own integration
  • Envoy’s integration builder

Sign up for the Developer Platform today.

NEW! Create, delete, or edit desks directly from your dashboard





Tired of uploading a CSV every time you want to add, delete, or edit your desk setup? Well, now you don’t have to. Starting today, you can edit desks directly from the map within your desks dashboard. Check it out by going to the new Desks > Maps option in the sidebar. Learn more.

Desk dashboard editing.png

Available on all Desks plans.

Find out when coworkers accept or deny invitations





You want to work with your immediate team at HQ on Wednesday, so you invite them all to join you on-site from the Envoy app. So… are they coming? Do they have a conflict and can't make it?

Now employees get notified when the people they invite accept or deny their invitation, so they can adjust your plans as needed.

This functionality is now live for all employees at companies who have schedule sharing enabled. If you don't yet have schedule sharing enabled, you can do so in your Envoy dashboard under Protect > Settings > Employees > "Share workplace schedules."

Available on all plans.