Empower your visitors with automated access control through Kisi

Give visitors the access they need while they’re on site. The Envoy + Kisi integration allows you to provision access control so that your workplace is secure and you’re in control. With customization options, you can decide which visitors receive access as well as the level of access they are granted. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Welcome visitors in Polish, Malay, and Czech

Now you can welcome visitors in Polish, Malay, and Czech on the Visitors kiosk. Make guests feel comfortable completing each step of your sign-in by giving them the option to select Polish, Malay, Czech or any of our 23 supported languages.

Make a great first impression by giving visitors the option to select their language of choice. Help guests feel confident completing each step of your sign-in flow. Speak to guests in their language from the first screen of your sign-in to any emails they receive following their visit.

To support these languages on the kiosk, or set them as your default language, follow the steps in this article.

Available on all plans.

Sync Envoy with Genetec Security Center to simplify your security operations.

Automatically create Visitor identities within the Genetec Security Desk when you connect your Envoy account with Genetec. Use Envoy to apply specific Cardholder groups for your visitor types. You can then use all of Genetec’s features for your visitors, such as badge provisioning, security alerts, and more. Learn more about how to set up the integration in our help center.

Send emergency notifications to visitors with SendWordNow

Connect your SendWordNow account to automatically send emergency notifications to any visitors who are on site. Make sure everyone leaves safely in an emergency with the Envoy + SendWordNow integration. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Connect your building systems to Envoy using braXos

Now your facilities team can automate workflows between Envoy and your building systems with braXos. braXos makes it easy to connect Envoy to access control, elevator, HVAC, lighting, and other building systems, so you can build custom integrations that streamline the sign-in experience for visitors.

braXos customers can get started by logging into their braXos account or contacting their braXos rep.

Available on all plans. Learn more.

Automatically notify hosts of their visitors in the CXapp via a push notification

Now you can let employees know when their visitors arrive via CXApp. With the Envoy + CXApp integration, your employees will receive a push notification in the CXApp every time a visitor arrives to see them. These convenient alerts save your reception team time and reach your employees where they are, so they’re kept in the loop.

CX app - cropped.png

To start sending host notifications in the CXApp, head to the integrations page to install the app.

Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Introducing three new updates to help you manage multiple offices

Say hello to new tools and dashboards that empower your workplace team to stay organized and informed as you manage multiple offices. Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

Organize your locations with groups

Global Admin can now create groups to manage a collection of locations at once. Quickly access the information you need by filtering your visitor log and analytics by group.

Available on Premium and Enterprise plans.

Make smarter decisions with global analytics

Global Admin can now see analytics for all their locations in one view. Easily spot trends from one location to the next, so you can make data-driven decisions about security and workplace operations.

Available on Premium and Enterprise plans.

Empower your team with a holistic view of their locations’ visitors

Now your Location Admin can see at a glance who’s visiting across all the locations they manage, so they can stay informed of who’s visiting when and why while keeping their other work moving forward.

Available on all paid plans.

Learn more about the updates and how they can help your team manage multiple offices.

Automate daily tasks with delivery notifications in Teams and the Envoy + Microsoft Flow integration

Now you can use Envoy and Microsoft Teams together to put packages in their place and create a great experience for guests awaiting their hosts.

In addition to notifying hosts when their visitors arrive, now you can save time and hassle by automatically notifying employees when their packages arrive in Teams. Package owners can mark their delivery as “picked up” from within Teams, so you know it reached them safely.

Teams Delivery Notification FINAL.png

Employees who are hosting visitors can now also use the Microsoft Teams integration to give you a heads up of their status, like if they’re on the way or running later to greet their guests. That way, you can set expectations with their guest and make sure they’re taken care of.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 5.32.05 PM.png

If you use Deliveries and already have Teams installed, your team will automatically start receiving delivery notifications. If you don’t have Teams installed, head to the integrations page to get started.

Available on all paid plans. Learn more.

Now you can also use Envoy with Microsoft Flow. With Flow, you can automate workflows involving other Microsoft tools that are triggered when certain activities take place in Envoy. For instance, you could automatically create an invite in Envoy when you add the name of a visitor to a Microsoft Excel Online spreadsheet.

Available on all paid plans. Learn more.

Automate workflows with Envoy and your internal tools using new webhooks

Connect Envoy to your internal systems and create custom workflows using webhooks. Now you can set up workflows to trigger when any of the following activities take place in Envoy:

• When a visitor signs in or signs out

• A visitor matches to your block list or is denied entry after matching

• An invite is created, updated, or removed

• An invite email is sent

Here are just a few ways you can use webhooks to streamline your work or enhance the experience for visitors:

• Send a text message to visitors who sign out to ask them how their visit went

• When a visitor signs in, show their name and how long they’ve been waiting on a TV screen in your lobby

• When an invite is created, automatically add the event to your digital calendar

Learn more about creating custom integrations with webhooks in the help center.

Automatically log and assign access cards to visitors in Brivo

Making sure that visitors only have access to the necessary areas of your office is critical to security. However, assigning each visitor the right credentials and an access card creates more work for your already-busy front desk team.

Now you can use Envoy with Brivo OnAir to automatically assign access credentials to visitors and revoke them when they sign out. When a visitor signs in with Envoy, Brivo OnAir instantly creates a user record and assigns them the proper access groups based on their purpose of visit.

This benefits you and your visitors in a few ways:

• Streamlines the sign-in process for your guests, who no longer need to wait for your team to create their Brivo record and assign access groups.

• Ensures all guests are logged in your system, so you’re audit-ready

• Frees up your front desk team to focus on other more important tasks

To get started, head to the integrations page, find Brivo, and click "Install."

Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.