View and export global visitors

The newest addition to our global overview feature is the global visitor log. This fully searchable visitor summary shows you a live list of visitors across all locations. No more switching between locations to see who's signing in—now it's all in one place.

Plus, it's easy export visitor data from your global visitor log. Simply select your date and location filters, and click to export. Learn more.

Record ID checks

Many offices require visitors to present identification. And now, you can now record ID checks directly from your visitor log. Once a visitor signs in, your front desk team can simply click a button to record that they've viewed the visitor's ID. A visitor's ID check status (checked, not checked or not required) is visible on the visitor log, and it becomes part of your data exports—especially handy for audits and compliance! Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Workplace by Facebook integration

Envoy's Workplace by Facebook integration is now in beta! Automatically send employees a direct message via Workplace Chat when their visitors arrive. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

View admin activity log

The new activity log is the easiest way for multi-location, Enterprise accounts to keep track of changes to settings. The activity log displays a chronologically ordered list of settings changed at every location. Plus it shows who made the changes and when. Available on Enterprise Plan. Learn more.

Automatically sign out visitors

You now have the option to automatically sign out visitors at the end of the day. With automatic sign-out enabled, every guest who has not signed out by 11:59PM (local time) will be automatically signed out.

Ensuring that every visitor entry has a sign-out time keeps your visitor log "clean" for security, compliance and record-keeping purposes. Learn more.

Introducing Envoy Deliveries

It’s an exciting day at Envoy HQ! Today we’re thrilled to announce our newest product, Envoy Deliveries—the simple solution for package management. Deliveries lets your office:

📱 Record deliveries by snapping a photo with your phone 🔔 Automatically alert recipients when they have a package 📊 Track it all with inventory logs & analytics

If you love how visitor sign-in helps you record and track visitor details, then you’ll love Deliveries, too. Read more from our CEO, Larry Gadea.

Special thanks to those of you who beta tested Deliveries, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Update settings across multiple locations

When you need to update a given setting at multiple locations, you no longer have to configure that setting “from scratch” multiple times. Now, you can simply “copy” your updates over to additional locations. Available on Standard, Premium & Enterprise Plans. Learn more.

Export visitor data from multiple locations

If you use Visitor Registration at multiple offices, you can now export your full visitor history for multiple locations with just one click. Available on Standard, Premium and Enterprise Plans. Learn more.

Cisco ISE integration

The new Envoy + Cisco ISE integration makes it easy to provision unique Wi-Fi network and password information for every visitor. When a visitor signs in on the iPad, they'll automatically receive your choice of email or SMS with network access instructions. Available on Enterprise Plans. Learn more.

Google Drive & OneDrive integrations

With our new Google Drive and OneDrive integrations, you have even more options for filing signed NDAs. It's easy to setup up either integration: Just connect your account, and signed NDAs will be automatically filed into the folder of your choice. Learn more about the Google Drive or OneDrive integrations. Available on Premium & Enterprise Plans.

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