Greet your guests with care with safe, touchless sign-in for visitors

Allow unexpected or walk-in visitors to safely sign-in without touching any shared surfaces to limit the spread of germs and keep everyone in your office healthy. If a visitor arrives on-site without having pre-registered, they can simply scan the QR code located on your sign-in kiosk using their phone to complete their sign-in, sign legal documents, and take their visitor photo.

Available on all Visitors plans. Learn more.

Automatically record every visitor in Lenel’s OnGuard security platform

With the new Envoy and Lenel integration, you can automatically create a record in OnGuard whenever you register a visitor in Envoy. This will assign a cardholder for each visitor so you can use all of OnGuard’s features, such as badge provisioning, security alerts, and more. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Automatically issue building access to employees and visitors with Proxy

Take control of who can access your building with the new Envoy and Proxy access control integration. Require that your employees complete a health questionnaire before enabling their access badge for the day. Automatically create a record of every visitor in Proxy and customize their access permissions. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

React quickly if a situation arises with workplace contact tracing

Having employees or visitors in the workplace during a pandemic comes with its risks. Even if you carefully screen employees, someone could still bring their illness to work.

Now you can use Envoy Protect to identify who may have been exposed to a sick employee in the office based on your Envoy sign-in data. You can pull a report of all of the employees and visitors who were in the office at the same time as the sick person and alert them as necessary—all while protecting that person’s private information.

Get started tracing contacts with Protect or learn more. Available on Premium and Enterprise Visitors plans.

Prevent overcrowding in your workplace with capacity limits

Now you can set limits on how many people can be in your space, so you can rest assured your employees and visitors can keep a safe distance on-site. If you reach your capacity limit, Envoy prevents anyone from reserving a spot or signing in, so you can avoid potentially dangerous situations or breaking regulations.

Set your daily capacity limit in Protect or learn more. Available on Premium and Enterprise Visitors plans.

Make more confident workplace safety decisions with new analytics

Access new analytics to see how key metrics, like occupancy and failed screenings, change over time. Now you can get a holistic view of how many people come to your workplace each day, who comes in most frequently, and more with Protect analytics. See how occupancy trends over time and make more informed decisions about staffing, cleaning schedules, and workplace shifts.

Go to the Protect analytics dashboard or learn more. Available on Premium and Enterprise Visitors plans.

Share important workplace updates with announcements

These days, keeping employees up to date on your workplace—whether that's your policies for working on-site or hours of operation—can be a challenge.

Today, we’re excited to introduce announcements—a new way to get important information in front of employees using Envoy Protect via Envoy Mobile.


Use announcements to:

• Share important updates, like changes to your workplace safety policies if the office is closing early, with links to learn more

• Ensure employees see important information in a timely manner with push notifications

• Get insight into how many people view announcements, so you can take a strategic approach to sharing updates

Get started by posting an announcement or learn more about how it works.

Available on all Visitors plans.

Automatically send visitor invites when you book a meeting through EMS

With the new EMS integration, you can automatically send visitors an Envoy invite when you book a meeting through EMS Software. Save time and avoid logging visitor info twice. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Enable secure, touchless building access for every visitor with Swiftlane

Make visitor access simple and secure with the new Swiftlane’s touchless access control integration for Envoy Visitors. Grant building access to any visitor registered in Envoy and automatically create records in Swiftlane. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Envoy Rooms app now available on Android tablets

You can now find the Envoy Rooms app in the Google Play Store. Download the app for free after starting your trial to access Rooms on any Android tablet. Display the room’s status on the tablet so your team can easily find, book, and check-in to meeting spaces. Available on all Rooms plans. Learn more.