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Copy visitor type settings ✌️


When creating a new visitor type, you now have the option to copy the settings of any visitor type that exists at any of your locations. Doing so copies the full sign-in flow for that visitor type: fields, NDA, photo settings and final screen. This improvement makes faster and easier to get set up with Envoy—whether you're adding new visitor types or new locations.

Cisco Meraki integration 📶


Our new Cisco Meraki integration makes it easy to provision guest Wi-Fi network and password information for each visitor that signs in with Envoy. Upon sign-in, your visitors will receive an email or text message with the Wi-Fi network name, password and access instructions. When they open any browser, they’ll be prompted to enter their password. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Skype for Business integration 🔔


Envoy's new Skype for Business integration automatically sends employees a direct Skype for Business IM when their visitors arrive. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Custom sign-in flows per visitor types 🙌


Today, we’re excited to announce a whole new way to get more from Envoy. With our visitor types feature, you have full control over the sign-in experience. While you previously were able to customize the legal document based on a guest’s purpose of visit, now you can fully configure custom sign-in flows. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Requires Envoy iPad app 2.0.3. Learn more.

Use SAML to require single sign-on 🔑


If your identity provider (IdP) supports SAML 2.0 you can enable single sign-on (SSO) for admins and employees. And now, you can configure SAML to make single sign-on required—ensuring that users can only authenticate via your IdP. Learn more.

View all invites you create 🗓


We’ve made it easier than ever to manage invites for other employees. When you create an invite on behalf of someone else, it now appears in your invites list—meaning all the invites you manage are just a click away. Plus, now it’s simple to see who’s inviting visitors on your behalf. Learn more.

Blacklist 🚫


If there are certain people you’d prefer to not have on-site, you can now create a custom blacklist based on keywords. Anytime a sign-in matches a blacklisted keyword, specially appointed blacklist contacts will receive a notification. Then, they'll approve or deny access to the building. If your blacklist contact denies access, the visitor’s badge will not print and their host notification will not be sent. Available on Enterprise Plans. Learn more about how to get started with blacklist.

Invite visitors from your calendar 🗓


This new feature allows you to skip a step when inviting visitors to your office. Simply add invite@envoy.com as an attendee to your calendar event (in Outlook, Google Calendar, or any other provider), and Envoy makes it easy to select which visitors need invites. Available on Premium and Enterprise Plans. Learn how to get started.

Receptionist role renamed to Front Desk Admin ✨


We’ve heard that the name "Receptionist role" can sometimes get confusing. For example, if your receptionist actually needs Location Admin permissions, or your security guard needs Receptionist-level permissions—what is a company to do?

To help ease this confusion, the Receptionist role has been renamed Front Desk Admin. All permissions remain the same, and no action is needed from you. We’re just moving to a name that more accurately describes the role.

Check out the changes on your Employees > Admin roles page.

Sign in with "plus ones" 👬


Our new plus one sign-in feature allows your visitors to sign in with unlimited number of additional unspecified visitors. This feature is perfect for large groups, tours and any situation where one visitor can sign in on behalf of a larger group. Available on Premium and Enterprise Plans. Learn how to get started.

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