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Skype for Business integration 🔔


Envoy's new Skype for Business integration automatically sends employees a direct Skype for Business IM when their visitors arrive. Learn more.

Custom sign-in flows per visitor types 🙌


Today, we’re excited to announce a whole new way to get more from Envoy. With our visitor types feature, you have full control over the sign-in experience. While you previously were able to customize the legal document based on a guest’s purpose of visit, now you can fully configure custom sign-in flows. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Requires Envoy iPad app 2.0.3. Learn more.

Use SAML to require single sign-on 🔑


If your identity provider (IdP) supports SAML 2.0 you can enable single sign-on (SSO) for admins and employees. And now, you can configure SAML to make single sign-on required—ensuring that users can only authenticate via your IdP. Learn more.

View all invites you create 🗓


We’ve made it easier than ever to manage invites for other employees. When you create an invite on behalf of someone else, it now appears in your invites list—meaning all the invites you manage are just a click away. Plus, now it’s simple to see who’s inviting visitors on your behalf. Learn more.

Blacklist 🚫


If there are certain people you’d prefer to not have on-site, you can now create a custom blacklist based on keywords. Anytime a sign-in matches a blacklisted keyword, specially appointed blacklist contacts will receive a notification. Then, they'll approve or deny access to the building. If your blacklist contact denies access, the visitor’s badge will not print and their host notification will not be sent. Available on Enterprise Plans. Learn more about how to get started with blacklist.

Invite visitors from your calendar 🗓


This new feature allows you to skip a step when inviting visitors to your office. Simply add invite@envoy.com as an attendee to your calendar event (in Outlook, Google Calendar, or any other provider), and Envoy makes it easy to select which visitors need invites. Available on Premium and Enterprise Plans. Learn how to get started.

Receptionist role renamed to Front Desk Admin ✨


We’ve heard that the name "Receptionist role" can sometimes get confusing. For example, if your receptionist actually needs Location Admin permissions, or your security guard needs Receptionist-level permissions—what is a company to do?

To help ease this confusion, the Receptionist role has been renamed Front Desk Admin. All permissions remain the same, and no action is needed from you. We’re just moving to a name that more accurately describes the role.

Check out the changes on your Employees > Admin roles page.

Sign in with "plus ones" 👬


Our new plus one sign-in feature allows your visitors to sign in with unlimited number of additional unspecified visitors. This feature is perfect for large groups, tours and any situation where one visitor can sign in on behalf of a larger group. Available on Premium and Enterprise Plans. Learn how to get started.

Visitors can now sign your NDA before they arrive 🖊


Now, your invited visitors can pre-register before they arrive. On any Envoy plan, invited visitors can fill in their sign-in fields, and on Envoy Premium and Enterprise Plans, they’ll be able to sign your company’s NDA in advance, too.

It’s easy: all visitors have to do is click the link in your invite email and they’ll be taken to a new web browser window. From there, they can just enter in their details and digitally sign your legal documents. Learn more

Notice our recent dashboard changes? 🖥


We’re making way for visitor types, our most requested feature to date. If you’d like early access, just contact us and we’ll add you to the list. With visitor types, you'll be able to customize the sign-in configuration (different sign-in fields, photo capture on/of and more) depending on the purpose of visit. 

Customize your host notification text 📲


Wish you could say something specific about your office or brand in host notification messages? Now you can: just draft your custom text, and drop in your company and location name, visitor name, and/or host name. Available on Premium & Enterprise Plans. Learn how to get started.

Sign in visitors from the dashboard 💻


Now you can manually create new visitor entries right from the dashboard, which saves your VIPs time, yet allows you to have a record their visit. Plus, when you sign in a visitor from the dashboard, you can still print a visitor badge and send the host notification. Available on Premium & Enterprise Plans. Learn how to get started

Sign in invited visitors from the dashboard🖱


Now your invited visitors can skip signing in on the iPad. With just a couple clicks, you can easily sign them in from your invites dashboard. Available on Premium & Enterprise Plans. Learn how to get started

Tip: couple this feature with our import invites feature to seriously speed up group sign-in. 

New Active Directory integration 🙌


We've made it easier than ever to automatically import your employee records from Active Directory into the Envoy employee directory. In just a few steps, you can automate this process and kiss those pesky CSV uploads goodbye. Learn how to connect Envoy + Active Directory, and simplify your employee directory updates. Available on Premium & Enterprise Plans.

Updated Terms of Service


Please view our updated Terms of Service here

Now your team can do more with Envoy ⚡️


Your employees can now manage their own visitors and invites right from the Envoy dashboard or Envoy Passport mobile app. This means they’ll need less admin assistance, so you’ll be free to do more meaningful work.

Your employees now have the power to:

  • Create and edit invites
  • View their visitor history
  • Sign out visitors

Learn more about how to roll these features out to your team. 

Edit sign-in & sign-out times 🕰


You can now edit visitor sign-in and sign-out times. So whether a visitor signs out by mistake, or if you have overnight visitors, this improvement can help you keep better, more accurate records of arrival and departure times. Check it out in a visitor entry, or learn more here

NDA feature now supports expiration ☠️


Does your site require visitors to re-sign the NDA after a certain period of time? If so, Envoy can help keep your records up to date. Just enter the desired number of days, and your visitors will automatically be prompted to re-sign the NDA when needed.

New MailChimp integration 💌


It's easy to keep in touch with your visitors using the new Envoy + MailChimp integration. Now, you can automatically add every visitor to a MailChimp list when they sign in. Worried about privacy? No sweat — with MailChimp's confirmation feature, visitors still have the chance to opt in or out of your mailings.

New integrations for NDA filing 🗂


Now, you can automatically save signed NDAs to your Dropbox or Egnyte accounts. Learn more about Envoy's new Dropbox integration or Egnyte integration.

Even more dashboard improvements 🖥


It's easy to do more directly from you Envoy dashboard with our new "more" button. See the ellipsis (...) to the right of the visitor entries? Just click it to get a new dropdown: simply sign out the visitor, reprint their badge, refer the visitor to Envoy (includes a discount code, too!), or even delete the visitor's entry. 

Easy customizations with new text editor ✂


Our new text editor makes it easy to customize the look and layout of text in your invite emails and custom final message. Increase header size, add links, pull quotes, images and more. Learn more about invite emails or the custom final message

Import invites now supports custom fields 📝


Now when you import a CSV of visitors to invite, you can pre-populate any or all sign-in fields. If your team requires fields like key card number or driver's license number that’s ok too – just fill in what you know, and the visitor can still complete the rest upon sign-in. Learn more here

Use existing photos 📸


Save your visitors some time with the new option to use existing photos; it shaves three to five seconds off every sign-in for visitors who’ve already taken a photo at your office! And when visitors sign in with Passport, their Passport profile photo will be used in lieu of an onsite photo. Requires Envoy iPad app version 1.8.2. Learn more here

Welcome screen background color 🎨 


The option to add a background color opens up a multitude of new looks for your iPad welcome screen. Simply choose a color, and it will fill the screen behind your your logo or welcome image. Requires Envoy iPad app version 1.8.2. Learn more here

Employees can now have multiple assistants 👯


Have some VIPs that need multiple assistants? Envoy is here to help keep those assistants up-to-date on their executive's visitors. 

It's now easy to assign as many assistants to any employee as you need. Learn more here. 

Employee export 📥


Envoy now allows you to export employees from your employee directory. Why might you want to export employees? 

  • Audit logs: employee exports show all visitors that have ever been in the directory, and if they're no longer listed, it shows the date and time of deletion. 
  • Updated records: if you've ever edited employees manually, employee export allows you to have an updated record of all employees. 
  • CSV of synced employees: if you use Google Apps, Okta, or OneLogin, exporting employees from Envoy is a handy way to get a CSV.

Learn more about employee export.

CSV imports are now 100x faster!


Our engineering team rewrote our CSV import tool to process your employee lists at ludicrous speed. Try it out!

Envoy Passport for Android


Envoy Passport — the app that lets visitors skip the typing and sign in faster — is now available for Android! And remember that your team can use Passport too, to customize their notification preferences and message their coworkers directly from the app.

You can download our Passport app for Android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.envoy.passport

Re-organized iPad and NDA settings


We've broken down the monolithic iPad Settings screen into more manageable, easier to find parts. And NDA settings now live on their own dedicated screen. Go visit iPad Settings and check it out!

Envoy admin roles


With Admin Roles, you’ll no longer have to share a single admin login across your company. Now you can create as many admin accounts as you need, with individual roles and specific permissions!

  • Global admin: full access to all locations and settings
  • Location admin: full access at a specified location
  • Receptionist role: access to dashboard and employee directory at a specified location
  • Billing role: access to billing details at a company level
  • Security role: access to security dashboard (list of pre-registered visitors) at a specified location

Learn more about role permissions and how to assign roles! 

More fields on pre-registration form


Save pre-registered visitors even more time by filling out any or all sign-in fields in advance. Learn More

Private notes in visitor entries


Once a visitor has signed in, you can add private notes to their entry. Plus, private notes are captured on visitor data exports. Learn More

Custom dashboard columns


Simply choose what visitor information to display on your dashboard, including responses to your custom sign-in fields. Learn More

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