Response Clarification

Excited to rollout the beta of what we're referring to as Response Clarification. This feature allows you to ask a follow up question after your initial question. Follow up questions can be in the form of multiple choice or open-ended.

If you're interested in using this beta feature, let me know in the chat or at This feature is going on our $60/month Pro plan.

response clarification beta.png

Carthook Integration

You can now embed your Enquire post-purchase survey on your Carthook order confirmation page. Simply head over to your integrations and enable.

Carthook is a tool that allows you to optimize your checkout flow and add sell-ups post-purchase. If you're looking to notably increase your conversion rate or AOV, I'd suggest you check it out:

Export CSV by date range

We've vastly improved Enquire's export capabilities, most notably giving you the ability to export by date range (a feature many of you have asked for).

We also created a simple selector allowing you to export only the columns you need.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 7.49.13 PM.png

Sort Responses Page by Source

For customers using our Recharge integration, you can now sort the responses page by source to show survey responses from customers who are subscribing vs. making a one-time purchase. We also cleaned up the UI of the filters.

Klaviyo Integration

The most requested integration is now live! 🎉 🥳

You can now push survey responses to Klaviyo allowing for improved email segmentation and analysis. To integrate simply click the integrations tab in your Enquire account. To note, the Klaviyo integration is only available on the Enhanced and Pro plans.

Added Customer Id to Flow Integration (Plus-Only)

Similar to an update we launched over the summer allowing customers to tag orders with Enquire survey responses, you can now tag customers with responses.

An example use-case here, is that you can export your customer data and pivot on Enquire response and customer total spend to see highest LTV per survey response.

Other column response added to CSV export

We've updated how we display Other responses in your CSV export. If a user responds with an "Other" response, we now show "Other" in the response column and show the written in response in a new "Other Response" column. This has been requested a few times, so hopefully helps with analysis. If not, let us know!

Fix bug causing your account email to set back to default

Providing your contact email allows to sent reporting and product updates directly to you (not the admin email on your Shopify account). We noticed a bug that reset your email back to the Shopify admin email if you logged out and logged back in. This is now fixed!

Coupon codes and amounts now captured with survey submission

We're now capturing order coupon codes, coupon amounts, and coupon types when a user submits a survey. As of today, you can view this information via the CSV export. In the future, we'll be launching more advanced coupon code reporting.

Added Order Id to Flow Integration (Plus-Only)

Customers on Shopify Plus can now utilize Shopify's new Flow feature that allows 3rd-party apps to interact with Shopify Flow Actions. A great use-case here is tagging orders or updating order notes with Enquire survey responses. We're working on adding the ability to tag customer accounts but have to make a change to how we handle permissions. Update (and blog post) to follow!