en-planet-training changelog
en-planet-training changelog

Season selector & field hockey





Already in the past weeks, we have made more improvements in our app, which will increase the functionality of planet.training.

Season and calendar filters


The most obvious improvement is that you now have a seasonal filter on top of the main menu. This allows you to easily switch between your seasons, from anywhere in our app. You can set the start of a new season in the club and profile settings.

In the calendar, you no longer have to choose between an event type, but you can use the filters to multi-select several types at the same time. Full flexibility!

Field Hockey is here!

planet.training Frontend - Field Hockey - Features Drawing & Animation tool (1).png

Finally the time has come - Planet.training is now available for all field hockey coaches and clubs. Our proven web app has thus gained another important sport and we welcome the first feedback from users of our hockey version.

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NEW: Season start & player comparison





Team Management mit planet.training Saisonplanung.jpg

There are more new features. The first of these will simplify your squad management for the new season. In the team & player management you can now make use of our “Archive season” feature. This allows you to archive your roster from last season and adjust it for the current and new season - Here’s how:

In the Club house you go to “Teams & Players” and select the respective team. Click the 3-dot menu and select “Archive season”. Pick the past season, archive it and start planning for your new season. Find a comprehensive tutorial here.

Player comparison to make your decisions easier.

changelog head to head.jpg

In the training statistics, there is another feature for all coaches. The "player comparison" comes as a tab and allows you to compare the performance of your players 1-to-1. So the decision for the next starting line-up should be pretty easy, right?

As always, we look forward to your feedback,

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New stats: Team performance & attendance





changelog training stats2.jpg

More features and stats that will make your training analysis more efficient and professional. In today's update, two training statistics are added that will give you a better insight into the development of your team.

Team performance & attendance

changelog training stats1.jpg

In the “team performance” tab, you’ll see the development of your team’s training performance at a glance. Especially by comparing it to the season average, you now know whether your team is on the right track or not.

A similar evaluation is now also available for the training attendance. Click the tab “Attendance” to see how many players have been participating in the last sessions. By comparing the stats to the season's average, you know when it’s time to focus on getting players healthy and ready, so they can join the next sessions.

We are looking forward to your feedback and are excited for the upcoming updates in the next weeks.

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The new player score to analyze your training





We also use the summer break to analyze and improve, so that the next season is even more successful. In the latest update we have therefore redesigned the performance radar from your training statistics.

Changelog - Player Score DE.jpg

Which player develops the best?

The improvements are easy to see. All players are now displayed clearly in a table. The ranking results from a combination of the training performance and the attendance of your players. The player who practices well and is attending each session has good chances to be at the top. The new player score makes it easy for you to keep track of each player.

In addition, you can now filter by position, number of sessions, and your own rating priorities. This allows for total flexibility in your training analysis.

If you want to know exactly how the player score is determined, go ahead and read our blog right here.

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Bug fixes in Gameday Tactics & Sessions





Changelog Header 1 EN.png

Today's update will fix some minor issues, some users have been experiencing in the gameday tactics as well as when sending out attendance checks, for sessions that were part of training periods.

In some cases parents & players could not fill out the attendance checks, when the sessions were still without any content and part of a training period. This issue has been solved now, so go ahead and plan your upcoming sessions!

Bug fixes in Gameday Tactics

Changelog Taktikanimationen EN.jpg

In addition, we also improved the way your gameday tactics are presented. Set play drawings can now be viewed as large as the formations, when you click on it. For tactic animations we now allow full screen play, so that your players and assistant coaches can pay attention to every detail of your most recent set plays.

For older tactic animations, you might have to edit them first (just move a player a tiny bit) then click save, to make sure they are in the newest file format and can be played in full screen for your gameday tactics.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us in the support chat!

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New fields & improved stats





Changelog new fields.jpeg

There are several improvements in today's update. For one, new fields are now available for soccer (football) and volleyball. In the soccer editor, you can now select fields of Gaelic football (popular in Ireland) and in volleyball you now have beach volleyball fields available.

Bug fixes in statistics

In addition, we also made some fixes and improvements in the training statistics. For a better overview, zeros are now shown as a dash. Errors caused by joint training sessions of several teams are resolved.

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Bug fixes & new support chat





Last week's update covered many features in your planet.training app. Because such big changes are not always smooth and perfect, we released a bug fix today. This will fix problems in our exercise database and the management of teams.

Additionally, here is a tutorial on how to activate the management and content of all your teams in planet.training

New support chat

tawkto support chat changelog.jpg

There is also a new version of our support chat. From now on we rely on the technology of tawk.to, which will improve the overall user experience. The support chat is now available from every feature in planet.training. In addition, new functionalities, such as emojis and file attachments, are now available.

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Improvements in our club management





Changelog December 2018.jpg

In the latest update, we improved the personalization of your planet.training version. Your club name is now prominently displayed in the toolbar. In upcoming updates, the club logo and club colors can be determined here as well.

In addition, this update allows users who are active in different clubs to switch between these clubs without having to use a new user account.

More precise permissions

With the new update, club managers can now pinpoint who sees what. For example, a coach can get full editing rights for one team and only view rights for another.

Changelog Jan2019-2EN.png

Bug fixes in club versions

Several features have had minor issues with users' viewing rights. For example, some parents and players could not see the latest training plans of their team. These issues should be resolved with the current update.

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Improvements in exercises & tactics





Changelog Taktikeditor Update.jpg

In order to improve the readability of player names, we have made an update to our tactics editor. The names are now adapted to the design of the Team & Player management - Black font on a white background.

In addition, now not only the jerseys but also the colors of the jersey numbers can be determined.

Note for the adaptation of older tactics: Here you have to click on edit, make a small change in the drawing and, if necessary, also click on "Show name" in the options, so that the names are displayed in the new color scheme.

Improved export performance

In order to provide the best quality for particularly extensive drawings and animations, we have also published a new exercise exporter. Your animations should now be optimally exported even with 30 scenes.

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The planet.training App has been launched!






"What happens on the field matters most" and that's why planet.training is now also available for your tablet and smartphone. Our soccer app currently works for Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Find all further info here!

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