en-planet-training changelog
en-planet-training changelog

Updates: Attendance check & member management





We published some fresh updates in our planet.training app today. They allow you to be even more efficient when planning your training sessions and managing members. These are the features that have been improved:

1. Setting the default value for attendance checks

Via the team settings you can now decide for each team whether the attendance status of all players is automatically set to "Present" or "Unexcused" for training sessions. This setting makes sense if you regularly use the "attendance check" feature for training sessions, where players or parents select the attendance status of the players by email or inside the web app. If you activate this feature, you will also see a live update which players have already confirmed their status. More information can be found here in the tutorial

Team Settings.png

2. Turn members into players

In the menu item "Club Members" there is now a new button in each member card. With this you can assign members, such as coaches and assistants, to your teams as players. This is particularly helpful when people take on several roles in the club. Click here for the tutorial

3. Training units and match days visible in the calendar

Users who only have "view" permissions for the calendar, can now again see game days and training sessions in the calendar without requiring permissions for the respective features. This is particularly suitable for parents.

And that was it already. If you have any feedback or questions about our updates, don't hesitate to send us a message at support@planet.training.

Your planet.training Team