en-planet-training changelog
en-planet-training changelog

Season selector & field hockey





Already in the past weeks, we have made more improvements in our app, which will increase the functionality of planet.training.

Season and calendar filters


The most obvious improvement is that you now have a seasonal filter on top of the main menu. This allows you to easily switch between your seasons, from anywhere in our app. You can set the start of a new season in the club and profile settings.

In the calendar, you no longer have to choose between an event type, but you can use the filters to multi-select several types at the same time. Full flexibility!

Field Hockey is here!

planet.training Frontend - Field Hockey - Features Drawing & Animation tool (1).png

Finally the time has come - Planet.training is now available for all field hockey coaches and clubs. Our proven web app has thus gained another important sport and we welcome the first feedback from users of our hockey version.

Your planet.training team