en-planet-training changelog
en-planet-training changelog

New team overview & attendance check





Planet.training Teamoverview.jpg

We've made the next step in optimizing and individualizing your planet.training experience. In our most recent update we've added a team overview, when you click on Teams & Players. Here you have quick access to each team's info, training stats and messaging. The image upload allows you to add your most recent team photo. Click the edit button below the image to change your team's settings.

New attendance check & scouting improvements

in-app training attendance check for players.jpg

As many of our users have invited their players to the app, we've added the in-app attendance check to our list of features, which will serve as an alternative to our email attendance check. Once you've invited a player through the club members feature, s/he will automatically see all training events in the calendar, which s/he can then click on and fill out the respective attendance status. As a coach, you don't have to assign any extra permissions to your players, if you only need them to check their attendance.

In your training list you will now also find the number of attending players for each training session, right below the session's status.

On top of that, we've cleaned up the scouting list. You can now straight away see the results of a scouting report and add scouted players to a team, by clicking the Team membership button.

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