New stats: Team performance & attendance

changelog training stats2.jpg

More features and stats that will make your training analysis more efficient and professional. In today's update, two training statistics are added that will give you a better insight into the development of your team.

Team performance & attendance

changelog training stats1.jpg

In the “team performance” tab, you’ll see the development of your team’s training performance at a glance. Especially by comparing it to the season average, you now know whether your team is on the right track or not.

A similar evaluation is now also available for the training attendance. Click the tab “Attendance” to see how many players have been participating in the last sessions. By comparing the stats to the season's average, you know when it’s time to focus on getting players healthy and ready, so they can join the next sessions.

We are looking forward to your feedback and are excited for the upcoming updates in the next weeks.

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