New scouting feature & season filter

Changelog EN Scouting 1.jpg

The preparations for the new season are in full swing, also for us. The already advanced expansion of the player profiles with stats and injury reports is continued with our new scouting tool.

Changelog EN Scouting 2.jpg

Open the menu item Club House and click on Scouting to get to this new tool. Here, scouting reports can be created for former and future players. Through the search you can also rate players of your current teams and thus record the individual development during the season.

Changelog EN Scouting 3.jpg

Speaking of season - Training sessions, scouting reports, statistics and gamedays can now be filtered by seasons. Once you select a season, it will automatically be applied to all features – That’s how you stay on top of your game for many seasons to come. You can determine the period of your seasons in the profile settings.

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