en-planet-training changelog
en-planet-training changelog

Match Report & Gameday for all Sports





Gameday for Volleyball, Field Hockey and Handball is online

In our recent update we have added some new features for all Volleyball, Field Hockey and Handball coaches. We have now put the gameday feature online for all sports. With only a few clicks you can now create tactic collections, game report and player assessments for each of your gamedays. Let’s go!

Field Hockey Feature - Gameday Management.png

The match reports are here!

The other key component of our update is good news for coaches from all sports. We have now added a tab called “Notes & Reports” inside your gameday. Here you can create notes and reports of all kinds and attach files such as PDFs to them. This will help you organize your gameday, or simply store your game reports all in one place.

Game Notes.jpg

We hope that you like the new features, and that they can hopefully be used in an upcoming gameday.

Your planet.training Team