Bug fixes in Gameday Tactics & Sessions

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Today's update will fix some minor issues, some users have been experiencing in the gameday tactics as well as when sending out attendance checks, for sessions that were part of training periods.

In some cases parents & players could not fill out the attendance checks, when the sessions were still without any content and part of a training period. This issue has been solved now, so go ahead and plan your upcoming sessions!

Bug fixes in Gameday Tactics

Changelog Taktikanimationen EN.jpg

In addition, we also improved the way your gameday tactics are presented. Set play drawings can now be viewed as large as the formations, when you click on it. For tactic animations we now allow full screen play, so that your players and assistant coaches can pay attention to every detail of your most recent set plays.

For older tactic animations, you might have to edit them first (just move a player a tiny bit) then click save, to make sure they are in the newest file format and can be played in full screen for your gameday tactics.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us in the support chat!

Your planet.training team