en-planet-training changelog
en-planet-training changelog

Updates to our Drills & Tactics Editor 🔔




We know you're all about prepping your training sessions, so we've updated our drill and tactics editor to help you draw up even more accurate set-ups. We've added new shapes, including half and quarter circles, hexagons, pentagons. On top of that we’ve also added some new icons to the equipment tab, such as hoops and coordination ladders. Now, you can get even more creative with your drills & tactics.


Server Timeout last week - Fixed ✅




First of all, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by last week’s server timeout issues that affected some users, specifically regarding the loading of images (e.g., profile pictures, exercises, team images). Over the weekend, we were able to fix all the remaining issues, and all your data has remained safe and secure throughout the process. If you are still experiencing any problems, please try clearing your browser cache and try again. If any issues persist, feel free to let us know.

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Updates: Attendance check & member management





We published some fresh updates in our planet.training app today. They allow you to be even more efficient when planning your training sessions and managing members. These are the features that have been improved:

1. Setting the default value for attendance checks

Via the team settings you can now decide for each team whether the attendance status of all players is automatically set to "Present" or "Unexcused" for training sessions. This setting makes sense if you regularly use the "attendance check" feature for training sessions, where players or parents select the attendance status of the players by email or inside the web app. If you activate this feature, you will also see a live update which players have already confirmed their status. More information can be found here in the tutorial

Team Settings.png

2. Turn members into players

In the menu item "Club Members" there is now a new button in each member card. With this you can assign members, such as coaches and assistants, to your teams as players. This is particularly helpful when people take on several roles in the club. Click here for the tutorial

3. Training units and match days visible in the calendar

Users who only have "view" permissions for the calendar, can now again see game days and training sessions in the calendar without requiring permissions for the respective features. This is particularly suitable for parents.

And that was it already. If you have any feedback or questions about our updates, don't hesitate to send us a message at support@planet.training.

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Hockey 5s fields are now online!





Hockey 5s Changelog.png

The next update for hockey coaches & clubs is here!

From now on you can select hockey 5s field for your exercise drawings and animations. To do that simply select a field from the tab "Hockey 5s" when you start the drawing tool. If you are creating an exercise animation you can select a different field than the default one, by clicking on the 3-dot menu and then on "change field".

Hockey 5s Changelog 2.png

Have fun with the new update. If you have any questions let us know through the Chat or send us an email to support@planet.training

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Match Report & Gameday for all Sports





Gameday for Volleyball, Field Hockey and Handball is online

In our recent update we have added some new features for all Volleyball, Field Hockey and Handball coaches. We have now put the gameday feature online for all sports. With only a few clicks you can now create tactic collections, game report and player assessments for each of your gamedays. Let’s go!

Field Hockey Feature - Gameday Management.png

The match reports are here!

The other key component of our update is good news for coaches from all sports. We have now added a tab called “Notes & Reports” inside your gameday. Here you can create notes and reports of all kinds and attach files such as PDFs to them. This will help you organize your gameday, or simply store your game reports all in one place.

Game Notes.jpg

We hope that you like the new features, and that they can hopefully be used in an upcoming gameday.

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Fields for Indoor Hockey added to Editor





Inside the planet.training you can now also create exercises and tactics for indoor hockey. Additionally you can also categorize those drills, so that you can perfectly filter the exercise database between field hockey and indoor hockey.

SH Hallenhockey Tutorial (4).png

This will allow you to be perfectly prepared for each season. To create a drill for indoor hockey you have to only follow a few steps. This tutorial shows you how to do it: planet.training/support/exercises/create-drills-for-indoor-hockey

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months

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Team overview in stats & notifications





This week's update brings two major improvements. For one, we have added a team overview in your club's training and season stats Here, simply select the team of which you want to see the statistics - Other than that the handling remains as usual.

Changelog Trainingstats.jpg

Improved notifications

Furthermore, we have worked on our push notifications. As soon as a training is created and scheduled by a coach, all team members will now receive a notification inside the app. Players can immediately switch to the calendar and fill out their attendance check for the respective session.

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New team overview & attendance check





Planet.training Teamoverview.jpg

We've made the next step in optimizing and individualizing your planet.training experience. In our most recent update we've added a team overview, when you click on Teams & Players. Here you have quick access to each team's info, training stats and messaging. The image upload allows you to add your most recent team photo. Click the edit button below the image to change your team's settings.

New attendance check & scouting improvements

in-app training attendance check for players.jpg

As many of our users have invited their players to the app, we've added the in-app attendance check to our list of features, which will serve as an alternative to our email attendance check. Once you've invited a player through the club members feature, s/he will automatically see all training events in the calendar, which s/he can then click on and fill out the respective attendance status. As a coach, you don't have to assign any extra permissions to your players, if you only need them to check their attendance.

In your training list you will now also find the number of attending players for each training session, right below the session's status.

On top of that, we've cleaned up the scouting list. You can now straight away see the results of a scouting report and add scouted players to a team, by clicking the Team membership button.

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Logo upload & club design





Changelog Custom design.jpg

Our web application is now available with team logo and individual club colors. This should make you feel right at home and will hopefully give you a burst of motivation for the start of your new season.

Club logo and the colors of your menu and toolbar can be determined in the club settings: custom design 2.jpg To get here, simply click on your club name in the top left of your toolbar, and then click another time on the edit button. The logo would ideally be in a square format, as the picture is rendered as a circle. The colors can either be selected through our color picker or by entering a hex color code.

We hope you enjoy the new look of your app.

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New handling of training periods






On time for the start of the new season we have made major improvements to the management and handling of training periods / sessions. When you go to the menu item Training Ground and select Sessions you will now see all training periods on top of the sessions. You can select the period by clicking on it and will now only see all the sessions that are part of the period. By clicking on it a second time you close the period and go back to seeing all sessions of the selected season.

If you have not created a training period so far or want to add a new one, just click on New Session and select New Period.

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