Bug fixes & new support chat

Last week's update covered many features in your planet.training app. Because such big changes are not always smooth and perfect, we released a bug fix today. This will fix problems in our exercise database and the management of teams.

Additionally, here is a tutorial on how to activate the management and content of all your teams in planet.training

New support chat

tawkto support chat changelog.jpg

There is also a new version of our support chat. From now on we rely on the technology of tawk.to, which will improve the overall user experience. The support chat is now available from every feature in planet.training. In addition, new functionalities, such as emojis and file attachments, are now available.

Your planet.training team

Improvements in our club management

Changelog December 2018.jpg

In the latest update, we improved the personalization of your planet.training version. Your club name is now prominently displayed in the toolbar. In upcoming updates, the club logo and club colors can be determined here as well.

In addition, this update allows users who are active in different clubs to switch between these clubs without having to use a new user account.

More precise permissions

With the new update, club managers can now pinpoint who sees what. For example, a coach can get full editing rights for one team and only view rights for another.

Changelog Jan2019-2EN.png

Bug fixes in club versions

Several features have had minor issues with users' viewing rights. For example, some parents and players could not see the latest training plans of their team. These issues should be resolved with the current update.

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Improvements in exercises & tactics

Changelog Taktikeditor Update.jpg

In order to improve the readability of player names, we have made an update to our tactics editor. The names are now adapted to the design of the Team & Player management - Black font on a white background.

In addition, now not only the jerseys but also the colors of the jersey numbers can be determined.

Note for the adaptation of older tactics: Here you have to click on edit, make a small change in the drawing and, if necessary, also click on "Show name" in the options, so that the names are displayed in the new color scheme.

Improved export performance

In order to provide the best quality for particularly extensive drawings and animations, we have also published a new exercise exporter. Your animations should now be optimally exported even with 30 scenes.

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The planet.training App has been launched!


"What happens on the field matters most" and that's why planet.training is now also available for your tablet and smartphone. Our soccer app currently works for Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Find all further info here!

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The new planet.training experience

Changelog EN Home.jpg

From old to new and from a big amount of helpful user feedback, we have made the biggest re-design of our web-app of the last 4 years.

Changelog EN Player.jpg

The focus in this first of many updates is above all on improving the user experience and the intuitive functionality of our features.

To be continued…

In the next few weeks, there will be several more updates, which focus on more statistics and an even more improved user experience.

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Bug fixes & improvements

Before releasing the first part our new app design in the next few days, we quickly made a few improvements and bug fixes.


  • In the exercise view, you will now also find a Copy Link button when clicking on Share. It allows you to add and share exercises even faster in WhatsApp and other apps.


  • Players without team affiliation can now be found in "More Players" in your team selection. This way you keep the overview of old and new players.

Bug fixes

  • Deleting events and training periods is now only possible after confirmation - Nothing will be accidentally deleted anymore.

  • When creating new gamedays, you will now be directed to the game info straight away.

Your planet.training team

The new editor is online!


With the latest update, your exercises and tactics are created even faster and more professional. New icons with 3D look and from all angles (thanks to the perspective button) simplify drawings and animations.

New animation paths

1Step 14c.jpg

Speaking of animations: To make them look even smoother you can now animate the icons in curves. With the button animation path you can decide this individually for every scene and every icon. Here is a quick tutorial to our new editor

Your planet.training-Team

Player notes and YouTube integration

Our latest update has some exciting new features ready and now gives you full functionality in the player profiles and when creating exercises.

New player notes

After we’ve already added tabs for injuries and scouting reports, notes can now be added to the player profile as well. These can, as in the injury reports, be completed with individual files thanks to the multimedia upload.


YouTube Integration

Your favorite exercise is already available as a full video on YouTube? Great, you can now easily add it to your planet.training database, by simply clicking on the YouTube button when creating an exercise.

YouTube Video changelog.png

The video can be viewed very comfortably in the database and in the exercise view. Since the videos are not yet included in our PDF exporter, this feature is perfect for completing your exercise drawing or image.

YouTube Video 2changelog.png

Your planet.training Team

New upload feature for injury reports

Changelog EN File Upload 1.jpg

In the latest release, we added another feature to the player profiles that will make your training and season documentation even more professional. In the tab "Injury" premium members can now upload and manage multiple multimedia files for each injury - This feature allows you to always keep track of which rehab program was successful in which injury or which player might not be ready yet for game day.

Changelog EN File Upload 2.jpg

The multimedia upload will soon be used in other features as well - so stay tuned!

Furthermore, in this release we fixed some bugs in the images and videos of our exercise editor. Everything should be back to how it used to be.

Your planet.training Team

New scouting feature & season filter

Changelog EN Scouting 1.jpg

The preparations for the new season are in full swing, also for us. The already advanced expansion of the player profiles with stats and injury reports is continued with our new scouting tool.

Changelog EN Scouting 2.jpg

Open the menu item Club House and click on Scouting to get to this new tool. Here, scouting reports can be created for former and future players. Through the search you can also rate players of your current teams and thus record the individual development during the season.

Changelog EN Scouting 3.jpg

Speaking of season - Training sessions, scouting reports, statistics and gamedays can now be filtered by seasons. Once you select a season, it will automatically be applied to all features – That’s how you stay on top of your game for many seasons to come. You can determine the period of your seasons in the profile settings.

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