Elmah.Io.Extensions.Logging 3.5.49

The stable version of Elmah.Io.Extensions.Logging 3.5.x is finally here. The release includes major performance improvements, and we recommend everyone to upgrade.

3.5.x contains the following changes:

  • Support for the new TitleTemplate field which makes structured log message templates searchable through the elmah.io UI.
  • Batch logging will store messages in an internal queue for better performance and to minimize the impact on your application when logging many messages.
  • Use the new elmah.io bulk API to upload messages in bulk.
  • Updated to Microsoft.Extensions.Logging version 2.2.0 and netstandard 2.0.
  • Performance and stability improvements using the most recent Elmah.Io.Client.
  • Support for logging through a web proxy.
  • Improved internal use of HttpClient.
  • Show full exception name in the Error field on elmah.io.

Documentation has been updated to reflect all recent changes.