Better parsing and visualization of user agents

An improved user agent parsing and visualization have been released.

Parser improvements

We parse the user agent (if there) on all logged messages and make it possible to search by browser (and soon OS too). The implementation has been migrated from a homemade solution to use UAParser. Parsing a user agent seems easy but believe me, it's not. Moving to something like UAParser will eliminate a lot of the browser misses we have experienced in the past.

Visual improvements

Previously, there was a small browser and os button as part of the toolbar when opening the error details. We have removed this in favor of the graphical representation already known from client-side logging. With this, you will see an instant view of the device causing an error as well as which OS and Browser the user is running:

Device view

When hovering the control, you will be able to click a Details button to see more information:

useragent modal