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Stable version of Azure Functions (and WebJobs) client

Most of the internals on are running as Azure Functions and we have been eating our own dog food for the last 6 months. We just released a stable version of our integration for both Azure Functions and WebJobs. Updated documentation available here:

Logging to from Azure Functions

Logging to from Azure WebJobs

Organization overview out of beta

We've done a bit of cleanup on the Organization Overview and moved the feature out of beta. The Organization Overview is a great place to go, when you want to monitor all your logs. The view can be accessed by clicking this small icon in either the navigation or on the dashboard:


Language dropdown

We need to start building a few features that vary from country to country. In order to do that, we have switched the country text field on your organization settings view to a dropdown. If you inputted a country name in lowercase, with typos, or something else that cannot map to the new dropdown, we would like to ask you a favour to update your country information. Currently, the country name is used on invoices only.

Detailed Usage Report

Monitoring your current usage of messages, emails, etc. is possible through the Subscription tab on your organization settings. Today, we make it even easier to see which logs that are responsible for your monthly usage. If you click the question mark next to the message counter, you'll see an ordered list of all logs:

Detailed Usage Report

Since we added additional logging after this month started, you will probably see a row named "Unknown". From July 1., all log messages will be counted towards the actual log. We wanted to release this as soon as we had something usable. Also, the modal will be improved with log names, maybe a pie chart, and more at some point.

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Ignore errors generated by McAfee SECURE

For those of you using McAfee SECURE vulnerability and/or PCI compliance services, there's a new rule template to ignore errors generated by those scanners:

McAfee SECURE ignore rule

Web.config validator

We just relaunched our Web.config validator. Previously, you could only use it to validate the ELMAH part of a Web.config file. With the new version, everything in the configuration file is validated against the correct schema and errors/warnings are listed. More details and a demo available here:

Deployment Tracking on Bamboo

We recently helped a couple of users integrate Bamboo to Deployment Tracking. The documentation has now been extended to show exactly how that can be done:

.NET Web Application Logging Essentials ebook

We just published our new ebook .NET Web Application Logging Essentials. The book is free for Newsletter subscribers, but can also be purchased through Leanpub. We donate everything to charity. More details here:

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