Elmah.Io.Client 3.4.63

We just released Elmah.Io.Client v3.4.63. The client is automatically installed by all of our integrations, but you may not always have the newest version. We recommend everyone on v3 to upgrade to the new version since it contains some major stability and performance improvements.

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elmah.io for Azure App Services

Adding elmah.io to a running website have always been possible, but required a great deal of you, the installer. With the new elmah.io Site Extension for Azure App Services, adding error logging to your running websites couldn't be easier.

We are currently working on the documentation for the new Site Extension. For now, you can get the full overview in this short video tutorial:

IP based country support

The last step of country support on elmah.io has been launched. As of today, the country code attached to each log message is resolved from a database of IP to country mappings. We still support resolving the country from looking at HTTP headers, but it will act as a fallback when the country cannot be mapped using the IP to country database.

With this change, we are able to put a country code on a lot of previously unmapped log messages, including log messages generated through client-side logging.

Check out the following blog post for details about the entire country feature: Country support.

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Show country flags on error details

3 months ago we started putting country information on all errors where we can find appropriate HTTP headers. Today we released a small change showing the country flag inside error details:

Country flag

We are working on implementing real IP-to-country lookup in elmah.io, which should put more accurate country information on all errors. Stay tuned for updates.

List of failing endpoints on Overview

A lot of you are using the Log Overview tab to get the complete picture of how your application is doing. To avoid having to navigate away from the Overview to see which endpoints that are failing, we have added a new tooltip to the Incidents metric. When hovering the metric, you will get a list of failing endpoints:

List of failing endpoints

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ASP.NET Core (not that secret) User Secrets Explained

Performance improvements

As you may have noticed on the changelog lately, we have dedicated most of our time to improve the overall experience, instead of squeezing out new features. Today's update is no different. We have made multiple performance related changes to both elmah.io, app.elmah.io, and api.elmah.io. We hope that you feel the difference already! We are continuously following the stats and making optimizations to endpoints in the need for speed.

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To help you debug slow code, we have written a new blog post: Debugging System.OutOfMemoryException using .NET tools.

Debugging System.OutOfMemoryException using .NET tools

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