elmah-io changelog
elmah-io changelog

New quick fixes for formatting errors

There's a new set of quick fixes available to help solve format exceptions of GUIDs and JSON documents by using online tools:


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Elmah.Io.JavaScript 3.4.1

We released a new version (3.4.1) of the Elmah.Io.JavaScript package. The new version includes the following changes:

  • message builder function accept error to use for prefilling.
  • Added correlationId and titleTemplate fields in TypeScript mapping.

The new release is available on GitHub, npm, and NuGet.

Logging to elmah.io from WPF

Did you know that elmah.io can be used on WPF too? We wrote a new guide explaining how: Logging to elmah.io from WPF.

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Free JSON formatter

We made a free JSON formatter that, unlike most of the other online tools out there, doesn't post your JSON to a server for processing: https://elmah.io/tools/json-formatter/

JSON Formatter

February newsletter

We published a new issue of the elmah.io Newsletter: https://us7.campaign-archive.com/?u=66fdd2122e968863d381a26e1&id=53e76bd978


If you want to receive an email every 2-3 months with all of the recent goodies on elmah.io, make sure to subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/dE1hCn

Domain filter

There's a new Domain filter available on search. With this filter, you can search for all log messages coming from a specific domain or subdomain. The domain name is automatically extracted from server variables where possible.

Add domain filter

Moving the uptime agent in West US

We are moving the uptime agent in West US to another datacenter (also in West US) on February 10. This won't affect you unless you have configured the agent's IP through a firewall or similar. An updated list of IP addresses to allow can be found here: Allowing elmah.io uptime agents.

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