📧 Migrating from Mandrill to AWS Simple Email Service

We have released the first step of migrating from Mandrill to AWS Simple Email Service (SES). As of today, the New Error Email is sent using AWS SES. In time, all transactional emails from elmah.io will be handled by AWS SES. Let us know if something isn't working as expected 👍

To reflect the changes, the Privacy Policy has been updated, and you will be asked to accept the new version next time you log in. The following text has been added to the Access to data section:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - We use AWS Simple Email Service (SES) for sending transactional emails. We share your email and name with AWS in order to personalize and send emails to you.

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Elmah.Io.Client now obfuscates passwords (breaking change)

We've released a new version of Elmah.Io.Client (3.3.57), the package that most of our integrations use to communicate with api.elmah.io. The client now automatically obfuscates passwords in form variables logged as part of HTTP POSTs. Out of the box, keys named password or pwd are obfuscated. You can add additional keys like this:

var client = ElmahioAPI.Create("API_KEY");

Obfuscation can be disabled like this (we don't recommend you to do so):

var client = ElmahioAPI.Create("API_KEY");

This is a breaking change that will enforce when you install the new version. You usually don't install Elmah.Io.Client manually, since integrations have a dependency which automatically pulls and reference the package. To upgrade to the new package, you can either wait until your integration updates its dependency to Elmah.Io.Client or update the package manually:

Update-Package Elmah.Io.Client

Support for Blazor

You are probably not writing applications in Blazor (the new WebAssembly based web-framework from Microsoft). But for those of you who love to play (we do too), there's an experimental integration available here: https://github.com/elmahio/Elmah.Io.Blazor. With this integration, you can log messages and errors from C# running in the browser. How awesome is that? Documentation can be found here: Logging to elmah.io from Blazor.

elmah.io.javascript 3.0.0-beta3 available

We released the third beta of our integration from JavaScript, elmah.io.javascript (the artist formerly known as elmah.io.js). The new version contains support for JavaScript sourcemaps as well as fixes for all known bugs. The Logging to elmah.io from JavaScript document and all samples, have been updated to reflect the recent changes.

Elmah.Io.Extensions.Logging also supports custom properties

Like our integrations for NLog and Serilog, Elmah.Io.Extensions.Logging now also supports custom properties through a set of reserved property names.

Example: I want to set the User field on elmah.io using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging and structured logging:

logger.LogInformation("Hello world from {user}", "Rick Grimes");

For more information, check out out the updated documentation and this sample.

Serilog.Sinks.ElmahIo 3.2.0 supports custom properties

Time for some new features on the elmah.io sink for Serilog. Using the recent version (available on NuGet), fields on elmah.io can be set using a range of reserved keywords.

Example: I want to set the URL, Method and Status Code fields on elmah.io, using Serilog structured data:

Log.Information("Request to {method} {url} returned {statusCode}",
    "GET, "/home/index", 500);

For more information, check out the updated documentation and this sample.

Filter messages by limit

There's a new limit filter available on log settings. The limit filter lets you input a max number of messages you want in a log each month:

Filter Limit

In this example, I've inputted 1000 which means that no more than 1,000 messages will be logged in this log each month. This can act as a way to help you distribute your included log messages over multiple logs. As always when filtering messages, this may cause inconsistencies in various features and graphs, since you don't get the full picture of what your application actually generates. It is recommended to use the new filter for development logs and similar only. As always, message counts are based on the messages sent to a log this month and not on what's currently stored.

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New Microsoft Teams app

The new Microsoft Teams app just landed:

Microsoft Teams

Install it through the Apps tab in log settings. If you've already installed the old version of the app, please click Edit settings and save the configuration to get the new version. Additional help here: https://docs.elmah.io/elmah-io-apps-teams/.

No published changelogs yet.

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