Elmah.Io 3.4.60

There is a new stable version of the Elmah.Io.* packages for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API. Changes in this version:

  • Improved internal use of HttpClient.
  • Performance and stability improvements using the most recent Elmah.Io.Client package.

Documentation has been updated to reflect all recent changes.

Serilog.Sinks.ElmahIo 3.4.0

There is a new stable version of the elmah.io sink for Serilog. Changes in this version:

  • Support for Message Template.
  • The sink is now 100% async.
  • Decorate log messages with server variables, cookies, etc.
  • Performance and stability improvements using the most recent Elmah.Io.Client package.
  • New sample for ASP.NET Core.

Documentation has been updated to reflect all recent changes.

Group by Message Template

If you've started using one of the recent versions of our integrations with NLog, Serilog or Microsoft.Extensions.Logging, you may have noticed the new Message Template field. If not, maybe now is a good time to upgrade. We just added a Message Template item to the Group by dropdown on the search page. This makes it possible to group all log messages by their original form. This would group both Poll - custom columns: true and Poll - custom columns: false in the same group:

Group by message template

Elmah.Io.Extensions.Logging 3.5.49

The stable version of Elmah.Io.Extensions.Logging 3.5.x is finally here. The release includes major performance improvements, and we recommend everyone to upgrade.

3.5.x contains the following changes:

  • Support for the new TitleTemplate field which makes structured log message templates searchable through the elmah.io UI.
  • Batch logging will store messages in an internal queue for better performance and to minimize the impact on your application when logging many messages.
  • Use the new elmah.io bulk API to upload messages in bulk.
  • Updated to Microsoft.Extensions.Logging version 2.2.0 and netstandard 2.0.
  • Performance and stability improvements using the most recent Elmah.Io.Client.
  • Support for logging through a web proxy.
  • Improved internal use of HttpClient.
  • Show full exception name in the Error field on elmah.io.

Documentation has been updated to reflect all recent changes.

Migrating the elmah.io API to ASP.NET Core

We migrated the elmah.io API to ASP.NET Core. For more details check out this blog post: https://blog.elmah.io/migrating-the-elmah-io-to-asp-net-core/

Filter by operating system

There is a new filter available behind the Add filter button on the search screen: Filter by operating system:

Filter by operating system

Logging to elmah.io from AWS Elastic Beanstalk

There is a new document describing how to log to elmah.io from .NET websites hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk: Logging from AWS Beanstalk.

app.elmah.io redesign step 1

Next time you visit the login page, you will notice a new look and feel. We have just released step 1 of a redesigned app.elmah.io. We have decided to rebuild the entire app to make sure that we are using the newest versions of Bootstrap and other dependencies. While doing so, we have looked into what worked great in the current app and what needed some work. All of these improvements will be integrated into the new design.

For this first release, we have rebuild login, signup, update user, and some of the other pages that you meet before logging in or when signing up for the first time. In the next months, we will continuously introduce new and improved pages to the elmah.io app. I promise that we won't move everything around, making it harder for you to do your work. Nothing worse than when someone moves our cheese, right? 😂

Login page

I would love to hear your opinion of the new design 👍

Better parsing and visualization of user agents

An improved user agent parsing and visualization have been released.

Parser improvements

We parse the user agent (if there) on all logged messages and make it possible to search by browser (and soon OS too). The implementation has been migrated from a homemade solution to use UAParser. Parsing a user agent seems easy but believe me, it's not. Moving to something like UAParser will eliminate a lot of the browser misses we have experienced in the past.

Visual improvements

Previously, there was a small browser and os button as part of the toolbar when opening the error details. We have removed this in favor of the graphical representation already known from client-side logging. With this, you will see an instant view of the device causing an error as well as which OS and Browser the user is running:

Device view

When hovering the control, you will be able to click a Details button to see more information:

useragent modal

ASP.NET Core 3.0 support

ASP.NET Core 3.0 is right around the corner. For all of you early adopters, I'm pleased to announce support for ASP.NET Core 3.0 in our Elmah.Io.AspNetCore package. Install it from NuGet.