Uptime Monitoring migrated to .NET Core

You may or may not care about which technologies we use to build elmah.io 😊 But I still want to mention that we have migrated elmah.io Uptime Monitoring to .NET Core. A lot of time has gone into testing the new implementation, but make sure to reach out if your experience anything weird.

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Elmah.Io.Extensions.Logging 3.5.40-pre

There's a new prerelease of the Elmah.Io.Extensions.Logging package. We've optimized the internal use of HttpClient to improve the stability and performance when logging multiple log messages. The new version also supports logging through a web proxy as well as fixes a couple of issues.

3.5.40-pre is available on NuGet. As usual, we would love for you to try it out and get back to us with feedback.

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FIXED: Problems accessing error details

There's a network connectivity problem on Azure right now, which is causing problems on elmah.io too. Since this error is present in all regions, we have no other options than to wait for Microsoft to resolve the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Do you want to get featured?

We are looking for more people and companies to feature on http://elmah.io. Getting featured is a great opportunity for you to spread the word about you and your business (and for us to showcase some of our cool customers on elmah.io). There are different ways of being featured: your logo on the front-page, a quote somewhere, a testimonial or a customer story. Let me know if you would like to be involved somehow. I would personally love some female voices on elmah.io but you girls are hard to find :)

Issue Tracking 2.0

I really love it when we silently launch new features and you guys start using them :) But, to make sure everyone notice, the next chapter of our built-in issue tracker were deployed last week. In short, you can now assign log messages to elmah.io users. For more details, check out this blog post: https://blog.elmah.io/issue-tracking-2-0/ and the new landing page: https://elmah.io/features/issue-tracking/

Elmah.Io.AspNetCore 3.7.72-pre

We've refactored some of the internals of the Elmah.Io.AspNetCore NuGet package. This materialized in a prerelease of the 3.7.x version, which will be released in a month or two.

3.7.x has been heavily optimized by re-using internal resources (like HttpClientHandler) and by queueing up messages for later processing. These changes should make logging to elmah.io from your ASP.NET Core applications much faster. Also, failing actions will no longer result in delayed response times for showing an error page to your users (because of the new queue architecture).

3.7.72-pre is available on NuGet. As usual, we would love for you to try it out and get back to us with feedback.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely elmah-io will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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