Burst detection

There's a new Filter in town: Burst detection. With the burst filter (currently in beta), elmah.io will ignore a log message, when the same message is logged 50 times already:

Filter Bursts

The filter is based on the new isBurst flag, available on all log messages. You can search for burst messages (as long as you haven't enabled the burst filter) through the search UI and/or Rules:


Be aware that ignoring burst messages will cause some features on elmah.io to not work as intended. The spike detection will in most cases don't have enough data to send the Impact Increased Email. Also, graphs on elmah.io and in the Daily Digest Email won't show the full picture of your current errors. Burst protection is primarily created for users, where staying within the message limit is more important than getting the correct picture.

Blogged: 17+ Must Have .NET Developer Tools - The Essential List

Check out the list of our favourite .NET tools (that we use to build elmah.io): https://blog.elmah.io/17-must-have-net-developer-tools-the-essential-list/

Preview text and indicators on Daily Digest

You may have noticed something new in your inbox the last couple of days. We released a new Daily Digest template with a new preview text, showing a summary of the email. To the right of each metric, we've included an arrow indicating if the metric is larger, same or lower than yesterday:

Preview text

JavaScript logging

We've launched a closed beta of our new clientside error logger today. That's right! We now log JavaScript happening in your application to elmah.io as well. If you want to participate in the beta, let us know by logging into elmah.io and contacting us through the support widget.

JavaScript error in elmah.io

Deprecating the v2 API

With more than 2 years since we introduced the v3 API, we are deprecating the old v2 API. For details, check out this blog post: Deprecating the v2 API and what that means for you.

The key takeaways from the post are to upgrade to v3 and that all new logs don't support the v2 API unless explicitly stated in the settings:

Enable/disable v2 API

Supporting complex objects in the elmah.io Serilog sink

We just released a new version of our Serilog sink. The dependency to Elmah.Io.Client has been updated to the most recent version to avoid problems when installing the sink in ASP.NET Core. We also support log messages through the SelfLog class, in case something fails inside the sink.

Besides the small changes already mentioned, the sink now supports complex objects and descructoring. Properties inside structured log messages in Serilog, have always been visible as a simple ToString in the Data tab of the error details on elmah.io. With the new version of the sink, we now support list, dictionaries and complex objects. Let's look at an example:

var complex = new
    Hello = "World",
    Foo = new
        Bar = true
Log.Information("Logging {scalar} and {@complex} types", 42, complex);

Previously, we would show a simple ToString of both scalar and @complex (even though you told Serilog to destructure @complex). With the new sink, complex objects are now shown as you would expect:

Destructored object

Logging to elmah.io through Serilog from ASP.NET Core

The Serilog project provides a nice package for routing internal log messages from ASP.NET Core through Serilog. Hooking elmah.io into the pipeline is (of course) supported as well. We wrote a new piece of documentation about just that:


New errors in daily digest

A section of "new errors" has been added to the daily digest. In this section, you will be able to monitor new errors logged since yesterday:

New errors

Tour page

A new Tour page has been introduced: https://elmah.io/tour/. While it's mostly for new users, I believe that there are some hidden gems for existing users too. If you don't want to read all of the text, there are 8 nice little video demos as well.

Redesigned root cause

When an uptime check on elmah.io fails, we log an error in your error log. When showing the details of this error, we show an alternative view, called the Root Cause view. We just released a simpler and more compact version:

Improved root cause view

No published changelogs yet.

Surely elmah-io will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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