Redesigned log settings

We just deployed a re-designed (yet familiar) log settings page. Besides the beautiful new menu already known from profile and organization settings, we improved the general look and feel on all tabs. In the process, we gave the Rules feature a highly needed overhaul:

New rules tab

Let us know what you think.

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FIXED: Problems with API

Update All systems are running again. So sorry about the inconvenience. We will start looking into how to avoid a similar issue in the future.

Update Message handling is running again. We are still working on getting some of the backend services to run.

Update We have talked with a representative from Microsoft who is looking into the issue.

Microsoft Azure is currently experiencing issues with Service Bus, which the API is heavily dependent of. Will keep you updated.

Two-factor authentication

Users logging in with a username/password can now enable two-factor authentication on the profile page:

Two-factor authentication

You can use either Google Authenticator or Authy. For users using a social provider, all of the options provide two-factor authentication natively.

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FIXED: Error in email job

Update Everything is now running smoothly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update We are currently waiting for AWS support.

We are currently experiencing errors in our email job. We are working on a solution and will update this changelog as soon as the error has been fixed.

Redesigned organization overview and settings

Time for a new step in our brush up of Recently, we have launched new versions of the organization settings and overview screens. In the process, we have updated client-side dependencies like Bootstrap, etc. In addition, we have fixed some visual elements that always bugged us and we believe this is the best looking so far.

Organization settings

Organization settings

Organization overview

Organization overview

Let us know what you think.

Anomaly detection in closed beta

We have started experimenting with machine learning on We are currently running a closed beta on an upcoming anomaly/spike detection feature. Let us know if you want to try it out.

Anomaly detection

(We are still discussing how and when to roll out this feature. Being part of the closed beta doesn't necessarily mean that you will get access through your current plan when the feature is publically available.)

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