Total radio silence

I just wanted to give you an update on the work here at HQ. We have been awfully quiet in the last month, but that doesn't mean that we aren't working. Some things are very well suited for this changelog, while others aren't. Currently, we are working on a lot of things that either don't have any direct impact on the UI or things that we will reveal in the future:

  • Getting client-side logging out of beta (follow the changes here:
  • Upgrading to the recent version of Elasticsearch (we have been waiting for Elastic Cloud to launch Azure support, but we decided to stop waiting and make the upgrade).
  • Better invoices that conform 100% with Danish, EU and international laws.
  • Working on our internal support system, that we use to support you guys.

JavaScript logging in public beta

A month ago, we launched JavaScript logging in private beta. We are so happy with the current state of the feature, that we are ready to invite everyone to join. The installation is documented in the new help article Logging to from JavaScript. The script is available through manual download, CDN, npm, NuGet and the new Library Manager in Visual Studio 2017.8. Example code can be found in the samples on GitHub. Let us know what you think.

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Ignore future messages like this

The new batch actions feature (available in the Daily Digest Email) has been extended with a new button: Ignore in the future:

Ignore in the future

When clicking this button, new instances of this error, won't be logged moving forward. As always when ignoring based on the uniqueness hash available in, a new release of your software, will resume logging of an error. Check out Deployment Tracking for more details.

Batch actions

With the new batch actions available in the daily digest email, hiding, marking as fixed or deleting errors, are available from within the email:

Batch actions

API key permissions

We've introduced API key permissions. All of your existing API keys have been migrated. We recommend you to go through each key and enable the needed permissions only. For more info, check out this blog post:

Burst detection

There's a new Filter in town: Burst detection. With the burst filter (currently in beta), will ignore a log message, when the same message is logged 50 times already:

Filter Bursts

The filter is based on the new isBurst flag, available on all log messages. You can search for burst messages (as long as you haven't enabled the burst filter) through the search UI and/or Rules:


Be aware that ignoring burst messages will cause some features on to not work as intended. The spike detection will in most cases don't have enough data to send the Impact Increased Email. Also, graphs on and in the Daily Digest Email won't show the full picture of your current errors. Burst protection is primarily created for users, where staying within the message limit is more important than getting the correct picture.

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Preview text and indicators on Daily Digest

You may have noticed something new in your inbox the last couple of days. We released a new Daily Digest template with a new preview text, showing a summary of the email. To the right of each metric, we've included an arrow indicating if the metric is larger, same or lower than yesterday:

Preview text

JavaScript logging

We've launched a closed beta of our new clientside error logger today. That's right! We now log JavaScript happening in your application to as well. If you want to participate in the beta, let us know by logging into and contacting us through the support widget.

JavaScript error in

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