Elmah.Io.Functions 3.2.25-pre

Support for Azure Functions v2 and above is now available in a prerelease of the Elmah.Io.Functions package. We have moved entirely to the new dependency injection system recently launched by Microsoft. For more details check out the updated documentation: https://docs.elmah.io/logging-to-elmah-io-from-azure-functions/

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Stack Trace Formatter

New day - new tool 🛠 Today, I'm happy to introduce the elmah.io Stack Trace Formatter. While stack traces are nicely formatted on elmah.io, I have seen too many unformatted stack traces on StackOverflow and on the web in general. With the new stack trace formatter, you can input a one-line stack trace and get a nicely formatted and syntax highlighted stack trace in return:


With a single mouse-click, you can copy the formatted stack trace or download a screenshot for your blog post.

Web.config Transformation Tester

To better help with XDT problems, we have released a new tool: Web.config Transformation Tester. The transformation tester creates an online experience, similar to the Preview tab in Visual Studio. By inputting a Web.config and a transform file (like Web.release.config), you will see a diff of the changes produced by the transformation file:

Web.config Transformation Tester

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Visual Studio extension v3

Good news for all of you elmah.io Visual Studio extension users out there. We released a major update, now available through the Visual Studio Marketplace and from within Visual Studio. The new version includes the following features:

  • API v3 support (you no longer need to enable API v2 access).
  • Remember user.
  • Search filters.
  • Multiple organizations support.
  • Authorize access to an organization from within the extension.

Visual Studio extension v3

Support for Umbraco 8

For all of you first movers out there, there's a prerelease of the upcoming support for Umbraco 8. The new integration still logs uncaught exceptions and 404s. Umbraco 8 moved from log4net to Serilog, why our integration now bundles the Serilog.Sinks.ElmahIo package. Check out the new prerelease here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/elmah.io.umbraco/3.3.40-pre

Trello integration

Shout out to all Trello users! elmah.io now integrates with Trello 👍 To get cards automatically created when new errors are logged on elmah.io, please follow this guide: Install Trello App for elmah.io.


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