Educai changelog
Educai changelog

Task list




The task list has arrived! Now you can create tasks for yourself or assign tasks for others in our agency who can later see in their own task lists. You can also create deadlines to keep yourself even more organized.

Editing reports




When you've edited a section on your Student Report, it will now show as 'desynced' as the report no longer matches the Smart Notes. To resync the report and Smart Notes, hover over the 'desynced' label and hit the 'resynchronise' button. This will overwrite any edits made on the reports and sync that section to your Smart Notes.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 09.31.04.png

⏰ 💰 Timezones and currencies

Introducing timezones and currencies! You can now set up Educai to be in your local timezone and default invoices to your currency of choice. Head to the company details page to do change this from your default.

Analytics dashboard for admins




All your information on one screen. Admins now have an overview of the number of sessions run, the reports sent out and progress over the agency. Check it out here.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 16.15.53.png

✏️ Edit multiple sessions




You can now edit multiple sessions at a go! Similarly to Google Calendar, this feature will allow you edit the location, timing, tutor and students (for group sessions) for multiple sessions at once.

👩🏻‍🏫 Tutor profiles

Create your own tutor profile here! This will allow admins to see your availability and easily schedule in new sessions and share your profile with new prospective parents!

Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 16.05.31.png




⬆️ Archiving/Increasing year group

As the new school year comes along, we wanted to create a way for you to easily update all of your students' year groups for the upcoming academic year! Just head to Account > Agency settings and you'll find this link to either upgrade students to new year groups or archive students from this page. Any changes you make here will automatically update on your students page when you hit save!




💰 Invoicing updates

We've added more to invoices! You can now:

  • Sort your invoices by any column on the invoice table
  • See your overall stats of how much you've received, how much you're expecting and the amount of overdue payments you might have
  • Add a message to primary contacts when sending out invoices



👀 Saving custom views

Want to see a certain subset of students? For example, only those on the waitlist or only those that are taught by a group of tutors you manage? You can now filter for those students and 'Save as view' so you can always refer to these students easily!




🔖 Labels for students

Creating labels for students is here! Did you ever want to tag students against specific labels like 'waitlist'? You can now create student labels and tag students against these labels to easily filter for them. Have a look below: