Echoleft release notes
Echoleft release notes

Improved validation for URLs in events.





When managing an event in Echoleft, a website, Twitter and Facebook link can be added. It was previously possible to add links in a format that might not work when visitors clicked on them.

We've improved our validation to try and prevent that from happening. 🙌

We've updated Events in Control Panel.





We've updated the layout of Events in Control Panel. ‘Duplicate’ and ‘View’ buttons have been added to a consistent location at the top of the page, the ‘Published’ status of the event has also been moved to a clearer spot.

We've also added a ‘Copy Link’ as well as Facebook and Twitter buttons to easily share the event.

This is part of our ongoing work to improve Control Panel, the area of Echoleft that good causes use to manage fundraising and events.

Email confirmation no longer required for donations.





We have removed the default requirement for donors to ‘confirm’ their email address before being able to complete a donation using Echoleft. Donors can now donate to good causes on Echoleft without confirming their email address.

We confirm email addresses by sending an email with a special link in it. Clicking the link confirms that the donor has access to the email account. When donating, the confirmation email will still be sent so the donor can confirm their account, but we will not require the link to be clicked on before completing a donation.

We are aware that some good causes do have a requirement for email confirmation. As such, we're now able to enable this requirement for individual organisations. If you work with a good cause that requires email confirmation for donation, please email

Please note that this does not affect event purchasing registrations & tickets, which do still require email addresses to be confirmed before being completed.

We've streamlined the process of being added an organisation.





As a follow-up to some recent improvements, we've streamlined the experience of joining an organisation for people that already have an Echoleft account.

Previously, we defaulted to asking you to create a new account when joining an organisation. That was a little confusing if you already had an account.

We now ask for your email address (defaulting to the one used to invite you), we then ask you to create or log in to your account appropriately. You can then accept the invitation.

You can now hide dates for events in Control Panel.





When managing events in Control Panel, you can now choose whether or not to display the dates of your event.

An option was already available to hides the event times, you can also toggle the dates.

Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 17.27.27.png.

Duplicate events in Control Panel.





Many good causes use Echoleft to manage regular, reoccurring events including annual walks, weekly coffee mornings or monthly meet-ups.

We wanted to make reoccurring event easier to manage, so events can now be “Duplicated” in Control Panel, the area of Echoleft good causes uses to manage their events and fundraising.

Good causes can duplicate the previous event, or create a draft ‘template’ event to duplicate each time.

A big ‘thank you’ to Lucy, who was hugely patient while waiting for this feature to go live 🙌.

We've updated how fundraising pages look in Control Panel.





In Control Panel, the area of Echoleft that good causes use to manage fundraising, we've redesigned how fundraising pages and donations appear to make them more useful.

Here are a couple of examples of what's new: Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 10.34.21.png
You can copy a link to the fundraising page, as well as post it to Facebook or Twitter straight from Control Panel.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 10.33.20.png

The new donation panel indicates whether the donation has contributed to a campaign, event, fundraising page or a memorial. You can click on any of the labels to be taken to more information.

This is part of an ongoing series of updates to make Control Panel more useful for the team at your good cause.

Infrastructure & Security Update





This update is one of our more technical, but it's worth knowing about. 🤓

Today we've updated the core platform that powers Echoleft, bringing it up to the latest version. This brings a whole raft of performance and security updates, which all software needs on a regular basis.

We do a range of testing before rolling out these big, broad updates, but we still ask everyone to be vigilant for anything that may have been negatively affected. If you spot any bugs or issues, please let us know at - thanks!

We've improved how you add new users to your organisation in Echoleft.





Today we're rolling out a new way for good causes using Echoleft to add new users to help them manage their fundraising, events and campaigns 🎉.

Using Control Panel, the special area of Echoleft for people that help manage good causes, new members of your organisation can be added in the Users section. You can read more about about how to do that in this support article.

The person you want to join will receive an email with a link to accept your invitation. We make it easy for them to use their existing Echoleft account, or create an account if they need to. We've also written a support article for people that have received an email inviting them to join an organisation.

This is part of a range of updates we're rolling out to help organisations manage fundraising, events and campaigns more easily in Echoleft, we're excited for you to see what we've got planned.

Improved wording for shared fundraising pages on social media.





All Echoleft fundraising pages have an option to indicate “This is a fundraising page for multiple people.” We call these ‘shared’ fundraising pages.

Fundraisers using shared fundraising pages also have an option to add their group's name e.g. “Linda and Bob” or “Team Awesome”.

These fundraising pages have been updated to show improved wording when shared on social media, or in Google search results. We use the group name if it's been added or great default text if not.