Echoleft release notes
Echoleft release notes

We've updated profile pages for organisations 🎉





Every organisation using Echoleft to power their events, fundraising or campaigns gets a profile page (sometimes people call it their Echoleft Home page). Until now, that page had limited editing for the branding and content, these updates give organisations more flexibility.

These are the first in a series of changes allowing Echoleft to provide organisations a ‘full site’ experience for their supporters:

  • We've updated the “profile” area in Control Panel to provide more tools to edit profile pages. We'll be adding more tools here over time.
  • Organisations can now choose a cover photo. This image dominates the page and can help keep branding consistent, especially across multiple websites.
  • The main heading, sub-heading and ‘welcome’ message on the page are now editable.
  • Events, campaigns and in-memory giving content will appear on the profile page automatically. Images, descriptions and branding will be pulled through automatically.
  • “Donate” and “Fundraise For Us” call-to-actions are added automatically for organisations that have these features enabled.

We'd love to hear from you how we can make these pages even more powerful, let us know at